Sunday, June 19, 2011

A fine fine week...

66.5 miles off 7 days of running :)

Mon - 6
Was finally at peace. For the last couple of weeks I been wrestling with whether I should give up my planned vacation to Alaska for a friend's wedding. She had decided on the dates pretty late and this was a trip I had been looking forward to... Finally, decided on the right thing. A friend's wedding happens once in a lifetime. I can do the trip anytime. I've noticed that even 10-20 years down the road people never forget the people who made it to their wedding. It's funny that I found out about their wedding plans a week before they went public. I was lying upstairs. They did not know I was around and were discussing their closely guarded secret plans :p When I told her later she remarked - "You always outsmart everyone" :)

Sight of the day: As I was stuck in traffic on the 520 bridge I spotted a bald eagle perched up on a tree. Reminded me of orientation at MSFT when they told us - "At least we you are stuck in traffic here you have beautiful surroundings to look at :)"

Sight of the day 2: The sky was very interesting today - cloudy with an orangish hue...

Interesting happening: I probably had the longest haircut of my life. There was this Japanese haircutting lady... When I found out that she was from Japan I told her about wanting to run the Tokyo marathon someday and started getting tips for visiting Japan. We talked about so much stuff  (differences between Koreans, Japanese and Chinese,...). Finally, her supervisor decided that this was taking too long and decided to finish the haircut. I did get an awesome haircut through. Small talk is something I need to get better at for my new role at work so... :p
Tue - 7 w/3 @ tempo
Why oh why did I have to have lunch at an Indian buffet on the day of a speed workout. I guess catching up with a good buddy after so long was worth any price :) Thankfully, I survived with just a little discomfort. In fact today was the first time I felt comfortable going fast since the marathon. I was up in the front leading out little group. Robin joked - "Today was just like the Fremont 5k. We got to keep looking at Sub up front... There's Sub" :)
Tempo splits: 6:33, 6:15, 6:22
Wed - 10
It was a nice day for running and I felt like running so I ran. It's a good thing I did though since today was a group BBQ. When they have these fridges of ice-cream, cookies, brownies et. al. it's tough not to sin :)

Sight of the day: The rising moon! It was just extraordinary. Huge, yellowish and along the Seattle skyline. It looked unreal. Even a couple of drunk dudes walking by the waterfront were captivated. After my run I rushed home to get a decent camera but it was too late - it had risen by the time I was back.

Moment of the day: A dad pointing at me and telling his toddler - "Run like him". The kiddo then began to try to run behind me :)

Thur - 6.5
Nice slow run after a personal training session at Crossfit. The emphasis was on doing squats and dead weight lifts right. My ab and back muscles can still feel the workout. Amazing what a difference the correct form makes! Though I think I won't be going back. I need some free time doing nothing before classes start again...

The homeless guy I used to see sleeping on the bench by the waterfront was just up and sitting on the bench getting ready to sleep... There's a security guard by sculpture park that I pass everyday.

There was some sort of college party going on in Pier 67. An African American dude waiting to go in looks at me and says - "Man, you're dedicated"...

Funny... There are a bunch of out of shape people in my new team. They've been opening up to me about how they are trying to eat healthy, exercise, and then ask me for suggestion. For some reason I seem to be making them feel introspective :p

Fri - 6
I started off slowly but finished it off with a 6:18 mile.

It's interesting how alive the city gets in summer... Musicians on the street. Weekends filled with events. Quite a contrast to the quiet winter months.

I noticed a rose garden on the Elliott bay path for the first time. Perhaps the flowers bloom only in summer.

Sat - 10
It was raining when I got up at 5:30am so I blew off running with the Chuckit folks and slept in :p

I finally ran after the Fremont Solstice Parade. A solid run at 7:26 pace...

When something is meant to happen: I had been waiting for a shuttle to the parade for about 20 minutes. There was quite a crowd at the stop. I decided that there was no way I'd make it to the parade in time. I gave up and was walking back home. Just then I saw a shuttle pull-up to what looked like another shuttle stop. I got in. The shuttle was so full that it did not even stop at the previous one I had been waiting at. I said a silent "Thank you." :)

Thanks: My friend's bridal shower was tonight. I can't remember being so happy for someone. I'm so glad things are working so well for her. We will miss having her in Seattle but we have to be thankful for the difference she made to our lives in Seattle and wish her all the best in life :)

Sun - 20.6
I woke-up pretty late and only started running at 4pm. I repeated the route to the Elliott Bay marina twice to make-up the distance. Solid run - 7:52 pace.

I've now put in 462 miles on my current pair of shoes. It's been a while since I've dared to run so many miles on a pair of shoes. However, now my legs are screaming for them to be retired so bye bye shoes :)
Moment of the day: An African American street performer playing "The Sounds of Music" on the saxophone. He was amazing. It reminded me of a lady singing "Let it be" in a Boston subway station while I was waiting to go home. Her voice was so powerful and amazing I can still hear it in my head!

Sight of the day: I was running at around-about 7:45 pace. A girl breezes by me. She must have been running in the 6s... Effortlessly. Long legs and an amazing running form. I'd guess she must be an elite runner.

Quotes: I was looking at a new FB friend's quotations... She has quite a thought-provoking collection...

Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.

If you love somebody, set them free. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.

Selfishness is not living the way I want to live, it's asking others to live the way I want to live. Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking, it's much easier kept than recovered.

Always tell the truth, then you don't have to remember anything.

Trust the people you love. Take them at face value and don't ever question them.
No Trust = no pain. No pain = no Love, No Trust = no Love.


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