Sunday, May 22, 2011

On the go - Atlanta & St. Helens

This was a week of contrasts running wise. The ugliness of Atlanta and the amazing beauty in the viscinity of Mt. St Helens/Rainier national park.

I got to attend my first customer conference in Atlanta. For the first time in my life I had a dress code for work. Microsoft shirts, black trousers and dress shoes :) What people say about business trips is true - you are fed and kept in an awesome place (a suite in a historic hotel) but you have to work hard :p The first day I was so tired that I came back and crashed...

So far I am enjoying the focus that comes with coming early to work and the reason to dress well... It's funny that someone in my MBA class remarked - "You must have started the new job"... A puzzled me - "Why?". Him - "You look quite different all dressed up".

34 miles for the week.

Tue - 6
I have to say I am truely thankful I don't live in an ugly city like Atlanta :) I guess I probably don't know the best place to run here but there were quite a few runners on the route I was running on. So ... It was my slowest run since the marathon...

Thur - No run
Didn't get to run except a run for my life to catch my plane back to Seattle. I made it 3 minutes before the plane shut it's doors.

Sight of the day: Seattle looked spectacular as my plane descended to land on a beautiful clear night...

Fri - 6
I'm so glad to be back in beautiful Seattle! The mountains and the water :) A visit to a city like Atlanta can remind you how lucky you are to be living in such a beautiful place. A nice run at 10am on a splendid day...

Sight of the day: A little kiddo building sand castles by the shore...

 Sat - 10
We were to head out at 9:30am so I woke up early and snuck in my run... So many beautiful sights that I'd have missed out on anything but foot.

Sights of the day: I spotted a few ducklings roaming about... The splendor of Mt. St Helens...

Sun - 12.25
I woke up early again (5:30am) and ran towards the Ranier National Park entrance. What can I say but I was just thankful to be able to experience such beauty :)

 Sight of the day: As I was running I saw a few elks chomping away. They saw me, stopped eating and stared at me :)


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