Sunday, May 01, 2011

Gliding along...

All my runs since the marathon have been at sub-8 pace, averaging in the mid-7s. I wonder if I am running them too fast or it's just that my easy run pace has become faster. Time will tell I guess. 51 miles for the week.

Mon - 6
Solid run after classes... Thankfully, it had stopped raining in the evening.

Random things: a) My new office (I have 2 more weeks there) is on the 19th floor. I realized that if I walk up and down the stairs twice a day I get a neat workout...
b) If I get out of class on time I have about 5 minutes to catch a bus. I can do this if I run all out from my classroom to the bus stop. Else I have to wait half an hour for the next bus. This gets the blood flowing after a long day :)

Sight of the day: I ran into a couple having sex in their car. They must have thought they picked the perfect quiet spot - a moonless night in an isolated parking lot by the waterfront... only to find a nut running in the middle of the night :p The things I get to see while running :-|

Tue - 8.4 w/ 8*400m, 1 mile @ MP
I ran for exactly an hour. It was an amazing day for running. Chuck asked me how I was feeling. I said - "Very Good". So he told me to run with the folks getting in their last workout before Eugene on Sunday. Of course they were all tapered up and full of energy. I wasn't feeling too bad myself :)

I entered the overseas ballot for the London marathon. I also noticed that my 3:09 would have qualified me for an automatic entry if I were a UK resident... A UK address ... Hmmmm....

Wed - 6
Chilly and windy... Thankfully, it stopped raining - it was pouring in the afternoon! Got back home after midnight.

Thurs - REST
Decided that a rest day was prudent :p

A day of sin - 6 pieces of amazing chicken pizza (lunch + free @ work), 1 mango smoothie (snack + free @ work), 1 strawberry smoothie (snack + free @ work) + Fried Stuff (dinner + happy hour) + an IPA ... :-(( :-))

Fri - 6
There was still light when I started running at 8:30pm... Finished just as it started raining. Solid run!

Observation of the day: I sure am kind of glad today is the royal wedding. It's done with and over. The media can now move onto talking about more important things like Charlie Sheen :p

Sat - 16
Decided to run for 2 hours without worrying about pace or distance... Just enjoying the beautiful sunny day by the waterfront. Ended up running for 2:01 to round off at 16 miles.

Good running deed of the day: I stopped to help out a tourist runner map out his run for tomorrow. Later I though it was funny that I used the words "just 10 miles" together :)

Sun - 8
Ran for exactly an hour, picking it up for the last couple of miles.

The folks I do my track workouts with had great races at Eugene today... Credit will have to goto Chuck for everyone getting to their goals.

Observation of the day: Tourists notice things we locals don't. I saw a couple of tourists taking a picture of what appeared to be a stone by the waterfront. I wondered why... Looking carefully I saw that there was a pretty neat black painting on the stone.  I've run by the waterfront zillions of times but it has never registered.


Blogger Plodding Blogger said...

I tend to 'coast' around the mid 7s as well - I'm sure your anaerobic threshold has just improved, that's all :-)

On my way through Queen Street in Cardiff yesterday, I saw a couple of tourists taking a photo of a statue of Aneurin Bevin (Welsh politician of yesteryear). It struck me that I'd never seen him without pigeon crap all over his head. What a tribute, eh?

5/03/2011 6:36 AM  
Blogger Sub said...

Time will tell if my anaerobic threshold has improved... maybe today's monthly track time trial :)

Interesting fact about the UK and miles. So hopefully if I get around to running London I will see mile markers there :)

5/03/2011 11:09 AM  

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