Sunday, April 24, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow

All my runs this week were very relaxed. Kind of similar to my frame of mind when I listen to Isreal kamakawiwo'ole -

Mon - REST
I guess I could have run but after 3.5 hours of classes I convinced myself that I could use a rest day to "recover" from the marathon :)

I have to admit I was jealous of the weather the folks at Boston had today. A faster than WR winning time of 2:03, 20mph tailwinds, cloudy and 50Fs. In comparison I had to run in tougher conditions in Paris but hey I'm not complaining about the result :)
Tue - 6
I don't like much attention but I have to admit it felt nice when Chuck and others congratulated me on the race and then everyone clapped when Chuck mentioned my run before the workout. I told Chuck - "I don't want to get injured :)" He told me to take it easy for a month before starting to train again...
Wed - 6
I can't describe how good this run felt!! God please make running always feel so effortless ... please :) 7:30 avg pace.

Event of the day: Restaurant week in Seattle. A 3 course dinner for $28. We hit the Pink Door today. That's one of the class acts in the Post Alley...

Sight of the day: A girl at the Pink Door who got so drunk that she could not walk... Why do people drink so much again? How does it add to the experience of having dinner in such a classy restaurant when you are embarassing yourself in front of everyone there?

Thu - 6
It was dark by the time I started running but it was all good :)

Fri - REST
I felt a twinge in my calf while walking so I figured it's best to be safe and take a rest day...

Sat - 6
Sunny and warm... First signs that soon for longer runs I will need to start drinking water as it gets warmer...

Oddity of the day: My purchase from Whole foods comprised of 6 pounds of bananas and 2 gallons of milk :-|
Sun - 6
The smell of fresh rain as the sun sets... It was a welcome break after spending most of my day on a take home mid-term. I have only myself to blame. We had 10 days to work on it yet I managed to start on it 5 hours before the deadline. Why? I do not know :)


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