Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recovering... mentally

After my first marathon our running group coach had told me about the importance of recovering mentally after a marathon... Humbug, I though, I don't need to recover mentally. I am ready to get back to training right away! Now I realize what he meant. Like he said, to be able to give it your all in the next marathon you need to be able to forget your last marathon... A lot of training for a marathon is mental...

I signed up for the Beat the Bridge 8k in May and the Virginia Beach Half on Labor day...

Sat - 6
My first run after the marathon. I was actually good to go on Wednesday but decided to take a few more days off. What was neat was that I averaged in the mid 7s without even trying :)

Sun - 6
A gorgeous day with those puffy clouds I so love...

Moment of the day: I called my nephew up for his birthday. I asked him what he wanted for a gift. His answer - "Money" :)


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