Sunday, April 03, 2011

The hay is in the barn...

"Less is more, more is less!"

44 miles for the week. 6 days 15h 55 m 44s ...

There will be 3 significant happenings next week... All three are long shots. Any of them working out would result in a different degrees of satisfaction for me. In the remote scenario that I succeed in all 3 ... !!! If I don't life will still go on and it won't be the end of the world :)

Mon - 6
Today was the first day of classes in the new quarter. I somehow managed to drag myself to the treadmill after classes. I could barely keep my eyes open and I was famished... 7:28 pace.

Tue - 7 w/16*200m
Pouring rain and windy on a mud track. It was a nice workout since we ran in a group of about 10 and my legs were feeling pretty good. Ended up muddy, bloody and drenched. This workout made me think of how much has gone into training for this marathon...

Wed - 6
Light drizzle and very windy. Nice run... Finished around 12:15am.

Odd sight of the day: A cop car driving on the trail...

Thur - 7 w/4 tempo
Probably my last few miles at faster than MP. With less than 9 days to go there is little to be gained in terms of fitness... Tempo splits: 6:53, 6:45, 6:53, 6:38... Run avg: 7:11

I ran 310 miles or 500km in March. This is the most miles I have run in my life in a month!! This works out to an average of 10 miles a day which I must say is pretty neat :)

Fri - REST
This is the end of a 50 day streak of running. I was tempted to get in a short run to keep it going but I guess it would anyway end after the race sooo I might as well stick with the program :)

Sat - 12
Sub-8 (7:52) avg pace without any special effort...

Observation of the day: Near sculpture park I saw a couple holding hands, chatting and walking. I though - "They look happy". Then behind them I saw 2 guys holding hands and walking. I though - "Now they look truly happy :p"

The last time... I did not watch India in the cricket world cup was in 1983, when they won. Since then I've had a perfect 100% record. A perfect 100% record of heart bleeds. Be it '87,'92,'96,'99,'03 or '07. I still remember the day, of the finals trashing to Australia in 2003. It felt like someone had slapped me in the face. I did not feel like talking to anyone or do anything the rest of the day. Fast forward to 2011. I did not watch a single match. Not quite, whenever I'd peek India would either lose a flurry of wickets or their bowlers would get creamed. Finally, we made it to the finals. I could not help myself... I had to watch the game with my friends. At the MS cafe there were huge screens set up. About 1000 others had come in with dhools, drums, face painted, with flags and dressed in the team colors. After a promising start Indian bowlers started getting creamed. When India lost their first wicket in the second ball I had that same sinking feeling I've had in years past. Looking at the forlorn looks of my countrymen I decided I had to sacrifice my viewing pleasure for the greater good. I returned home and went to sleep. When I woke up India had won the world cup... Sigh :) After a wait of 28 years!! A billion people for just one moment could unite and celebrate... One of the greatest sports personalities - Sachin Tendulkar finally had won the game's greatest prize in front of his home crowd :) !!
- A loyal team India supporter :)

Sun - 6:
Avg pace of 7:34 without any major effort. It was kind of windy out there. Wedding season must be in full swing - saw 2 wedding pic entourages today.

Sight of the day: The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom in UW today!!


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