Sunday, March 20, 2011

The final stretch - 80 miles for the week and a 4 yr PR falls :)

80.5 miles for the week. This probably is amongst my top 5 highest mileage weeks.

I got past a 4+ year half marathon PR today at the Mercer Island half - 1:33:31. This was especially neat since it came at the end of such a high mileage week and on such a hilly course. My last half marathon PR was on Jan 14th 2007 at RNR Arizona. That was a flat course and a race I had tapered for.

Bring it on Paris!!!

Mon - 8
Treadmill 1-6% incline...

Tue - 8 w/16*200m, 200m jog
OK. I am ready for it to stop raining now!! Running 200s on the treadmill is interesting... 10mph for the 200s.

Wed - 15.25
No rain! A very peaceful run. I was lost in my thoughts for the most part :)

As I approached the sculpture park, I noticed a lady walking backwards almost as if she was drunk. Perhaps she was lost looking at the Space Needle. With just a mile and a half to go I was working up quite a pace at that point. As I blew past her, she jerked back, covered her face and shouted out - "Oh my god" as if I just shot her! What the ?!?! If she's that scared she should stop walking backwards in the dark/get a headlamp or flash light/find a boyfriend to carry with her for her 11pm walks :)

Story of the day: I almost teared up reading and watching the video showing a dog shivering and disoriented, yet remaining loyally by the side of a stricken fellow canine amidst the devastation of the Japanese tsunami. Their story had a happy ending. It took workers almost an hour to calm the dog down before it would let anyone near the other dog. Now he is in a shelter and the other dog is getting treatment from a vet.

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble

Thu - 10
I was surprised to find someone else running on the trail at 11:30pm. So I had to catch-up with him and chat for a bit. He was training for his first tri in Kona in two weeks :)

Discovery of the day: I was talking to this sharp but weird/irritating kid in my group. He is from IIT Kanpur, UIUC... For him this Microsoft job is just a prep stage for his life ambition. He wants to give it all up and return to India in 1-2 years. Then he wants to become a social worker. He has worked out that the most effective way to achieve maximum impact is to get into politics. He has no monetary desire and does not want to get distracted by things like marriage. He seeks to teach people how to control their mind and write a book with all the techniques he's learnt. First I thought he is nuts but after talking to him for a bit, it appears that he has some very well thoughout plans. I have stopped sending people Friend requests on FB but I did to him... I want to see what he ends up doing - a modern day Gandhi-ji or a nut-job?

Fri - 8.6 w/9*hill repeats
Rain, wind. My last set of hill repeats for a while. I sure won't be missing them!

Sighting of the day: An old man was trying to drive a car without one wheel up the hill, where I was doing repeats. The car was swerving and sparking. There was no-way he was going to make it all the way up. He was probably causing significant damage to the car and he wasn't too far off from getting into an accident. I think someone must have called the cops. Weird. He had to have known the car had no wheel.

Sat - 8
Sunny and gorgeous! A very encouraging run considering that it was less than 12 hours since yesterday's repeats, the volume this week and the fact that I did not setout to run fast. Splits: 8:41, 8:14, 7:50, 7:36, 7:30, 7:18, 6:52, 6:34

Moment of the day: A cute kiddo on her mom's lap started giggling when she saw me run by. Priceless! :)

Sun - 13.11 : Mercer Island Half marathon
My fastest half marathon ever!

Sun - 8 + 1 = 9
A warmup mile in Mercer Island and then 8 cool down miles on the Lake Sammamish trail. This is the trail I used to run most of my miles on when I lived in Redmond. It was a nice change in scenery. My pace for the run was pretty respectable = good on tired legs. The 80th mile of the week and the 22nd mile of the day had me running up the brutal 51st street hill :) It's tough enough on fresh legs so it was a nice test to end things :)


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