Sunday, March 06, 2011

73 miles!!!

73 miles for the week! There are times when I wonder and there will be times when I will wonder how I managed to run so much. Thankfully, this is a point in time when I'm not wondering just running :) 35 more days :)

Mon - 7.5:

Another week of the random hill workout on the Treadmill. Ended the run at 12:30am. 205 miles for Feb. Not too shabby after a slow start post-Iceland...

Tue - 11 (2 miles TT):

Every first Tuesday of the month we have a 2 mile time trial. The track was muddy and slushy after the rain. In general I felt horrid and my time of 13:25 was a joke... It was one of those days and other parts of the day was also kind of blah. From running to make appointments to waiting for a bus for almost an hour...

Wed - 13:

An event-less run for the most part.

A lady in the gas station where I stopped to use the rest-room - "Aren't you feeling cold? I am freezing."
Me - "No. I am running"
Her - "I am walking"
Thereafter, I continue to run and I'd imagine she continued to walk :)

A guy fishing shouted out "Nice Job" as I ran past him. I guess he could relate to me since he was mad enough to be fishing at midnight :)

Thurs - 6 w/9*hill repeats

I was feeling tired and sluggish after coming back from work. Once I got out of the door it was all good. Though in any state of consciousness there is nothing pleasurable about sprinting up and down a hill 9 times. Got to remember the old adage - "Hills are your friend!" :)

Fri - 6

Windy and rainy... De-stress : breath in ... breath out... breath in ... breath out...

Sat - 21.5

A gorgeous day for a run - a beautiful sunrise and a sunny day with those photogenic puffy clouds. It ended up being a tough run but an excellent workout. The usual group John et. al. were running 15 so they upped the ante by running the very hilly Blue Ridge route. After mile 13, I started running with Dan along Lake Union. Apparently, I was setting the pace for the first few miles but then it was him taking off. We averaged in the 7:40s for these miles :p I'm amazed by what a strong runner he is at 50. I'm also intrigued by the stories of his travels around the world and his upcoming travel plans to Cambodia, Vietnam, Copenhagen, Japan ... I am so glad I made it through in one piece. There were multiple times during the uphills when all I could think was "God please kill me now" :p

Sun - 8

Starting off at recovery pace to get the blood flowing and wash-off the waste from yesterday's fun. Picked up the pace towards the end to finish the last half mile at sub-7 pace.

I am amused at how dog owners feel the need to justify the actions of their dog. A lady goes to me - "You know he is a really friendly and nice dog". It's OK, I am not judging your dog :p


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