Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peak mileage week?

66.5 miles for the week! The most I've run in a week since... September 2008! Will this be the peak mileage week for Paris? Don't know but with 42 days to go it can't possibly go much higher.

Mon - 6:
As much as I hate running on the Treadmill I'm really digging this hill workout. It throws in random hills with grades upto 6%. Varying the pace this allows me to work different muscle groups and should prove to be very useful.

Tue - 10. w/6 mile progression run:
Speed workout with Chuckit. The goal was to hit paces of 7:00, 6:45 and 6:30 in blocks of 2 miles. I held the pace for 5 miles but not the last. I'd still say it was a good workout. When I saw it snowing outside I almost felt like calling it quits. I'm glad I showed up :)

Wed - 11:
After a day of work and 3.5 hours of classes, heading out for a 11 mile in the snow, wind and cold at 11pm requires drive, motivation, discipline and dedication. I'm glad I had a bit of all today. Once I started running it was all good. Very peaceful and quiet. The road were empty and all I could hear were the sounds of my feet on the pavement... I was lost in my thoughts.

There's a homeless man who sleeps on a bench along my route. I look out for him every night. I'm glad on nights like these he finds shelter else where.

Thurs - 6 /9*hill repeats:
I was not feeling like doing hill repeats in the cold so I bribed myself. I was allowed to wear an extra layer on top and fulls below. I'd be nice and warm when I got out of the door. Of course I'd overheat once I started running but the important thing would be that I would be running :)

Sat - 6: @ 1:30am:
I came back late after Lakshmi's farewell party. So I hit the treadmill once I got back :) Hopefully, this helped burn some of the delish dessert :p

Sat - 20: @ 7:30am:
Five hours after finishing last night's six miler, I was out running again with the Chuckit folks. Given the windchill of 11F, I was glad I had people to run with. This was my first 20 miler since Green bay. I was happy with how effortless it felt. Getting into a zone ... Time and miles ticking away seamlessly. In a sense I ran a marathon today since the 6 miler and 20 miler were so close to each other. I ran 26 miles since dessert last night and consumed zero calories in-between so I can say for sure that the dessert has now been burnt away :)

There is an autistic guy who runs with us. He is a very fast runner. He was running in my group today. It was interesting to note the simplicity of his sentence structure. How he wanted to join the conversation but how things he was saying was not quite fitting in... Jason and he were planning to run 17 with Steve and I running 20. Jason had to stop for a rest-room break so the rest of us kept on going. He kept on asking us how far we had gotten and if Jason would be able to catch up with us. He was worried about having to run back alone. Luckily, we managed to hook him up with Pat before the Roosevelt turn... When I had first joined Chuckit, I found his behavior a bit rude and odd but then I learnt why...

Sun - 7
28mph winds and freezing rain. At times I felt like I was running into a wall but the run felt awesome. I was surprised that I averaged sub-8 pace! The Eric Clapton concert afterglow perhaps...

Runners and Seattlites are so friendly! I was waiting for the walk sign when a lady asked me if I was going for my run. I said yes, once I got to the waterfront. She said that she got in her run before it started raining. I mentioned that I got in my long run yesterday so today would be a shorter run. I was training for Paris and she was for Vancouver. We wished each other luck went on with our day. Whenever I see runners I also can't help but think about their run :)

Sight of the day: A man wearing pink jeans and heels and walking down 5th and Pike :)


Blogger Rob said...

Subhasish: I always enjoy reading your Blog posts, so I would like your opinion about mileage. I run a half marathon at least once a month, but no more than one or two full marathons a year.

My next marathon is Marine Corps in October; however, I will peak much sooner. Next weekend I will run 18 miles and finally ramp up to 26 miles by the end of April.

I guess my question is "What do I do then?"

Thanks for any advice!

2/27/2011 6:54 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

Thanks Rob!

You've got quite a bit of time to Marine Corps... Both my current running group coach and previous one recommended mixing marathon training cycles with training for some shorter distances to get faster. Perhaps you could focus on a fast (PR?) half or 10k for a couple months and then get back onto a marathon training plan for MCM.

2/27/2011 8:07 PM  

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