Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to the norm...

"Once upon a time a little kid heard about a phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights - light displays in the sky caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth's magnetic field. He sat in his bed at night, trying to imagine this spectacle in his head. Many many years later he found himself mesmerized as he looked at the northern lights in the Icelandic sky. He continues to be amazed by the wonders of this planet!!"

I am sure I will have many more memorable trips in the years to come, perhaps a couple this year. However, I think when someday when my life flashes before my eyes, I will always remember this stretch. England, Amsterdam, Egypt, Athens, Death Valley and Iceland. The diversity and scale of the experiences and the sights!!! When I think about it all, I don't know how I managed it :) As someone mentioned, it might take some people multiple years and vacations to cover these, if at all.

Normalcy has been restored and life is back to dealing with mundane issues...


This week was a very solid running week (56 miles - 6, 7.8, 6, 7, 6, 17, 6) as was last week (51 miles - 6, 8.4, 6.2, 6, 17.4, 6.9). Following Chuck's schedule, I've been getting in some quality workouts:

17 miles run w/10 @ MP - Yesterday. It was very windy which made it especially challenging to hit the marathon pace miles. I was shooting for 7:25 pace but probably ended up averaging 7:18 or so.

10*800s: In the Yasso workout spirit these are supposed to be run at your marathon time. I've ended up running them with John, Cassy et al. so instead of 3:15 I've ended up running them more at 3:10 pace. It took me a while to recover from them last week but I dealt with them much better this week.

Hill repeats: I've chosen to run these up a hill which has you running toward the Space needle. There is a traffic light separating my hill. I've noticed that I end up getting near the crossing with about 7s left, so this gives me the incentive not slack on the pace.

Hilly run: As much as I hate the treadmill I noticed the random hill run with a max incline of 5% hill grade did give a pretty decent workout.


With 47 days to go I am now pretty committed to the Paris marathon. I bought my tickets yesterday!
Vol assuré par AIR FRANCE
Départ : 07Apr, 13:50
Arrivée : 08:35 (Arrivée Jour+1)

Vol assuré par AIR FRANCE
Départ : 13Apr, 10:30 Fin enregistrement : 09:30
Arrivée : 11:50

Things have been so hectic lately perhaps I have been losing my mind:

- I parked my car on a street parking spot and forgot about it for a couple of days. I usually take the bus so I did not miss my car. When I remembered I had expected a bunch of parking tickets but thankfully there was only one.

- During last Tuesday's workout I left my bag with all my stuff at Super Jockn' Jill. The store closes at 8pm. When I got back it had closed. I had nothing... absolutely nothing on me. Luckily I spotted Robin else I don't know what I would have done. We managed to call Chuck who called the store manager who in turn got a store employee to come down and open the store for me.

- I left my car with a valet parking (keys inside and all). I forgot about it for three days before finally remembering. They scolded me but everything was fine :)

Seattle being Seattle and not New York or London life is more laid-back and people feel the need to let you know what they feel. Some of the responses I get when I've been spotted going for my run in my shorts:

Elderly African-American lady's motherly advice - "Put something warm on. It's winter not spring. You don't want to catch a cold".

Strange man on the street - "Aren't you feeling cold? What is with you? Look at me in bundles".

Bouncer opposite showgirls opposite Pike place market - "Why don't you check out some women here. It's warm inside"

Random dude limping on the street at 12:15am - "You look you had a good workout. I want to run soon once I can walk"

A group of 4 cops on catching me jay running -
Cop 1 - "What do you think you are doing there?"
Cop 2 - "Don't you say anything to him - he is a person of color"
Cop 3 - On seeing my race timing chip on my shoe. "Look. He is already tagged"

And many more ... It does not feel lonely out there :)


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