Sunday, January 23, 2011

That competitive streak...

Today was the Asha 5k new year resolution fun run/walk. I went down there to support the cause and offer words of wisdom to newbies but I was surprised by my competitive streak.

So we started running. There was a kid in front of everyone. I ran up to him and talked to him for a bit. Well, I think he was going all out and didn't have the energy for a chat :) Then I took off running on my own. I wasn't going all out, perhaps at tempo pace, but was and finished minutes ahead of everyone else. Now what I am wondering is that why did I feel the need to do this? Was it because I just felt like running fast? My competitive streak? Me pining for bragging rights if any (there really was none)? Or was it that kid who used to always finish last in races in school manifesting himself? Don't know :)

That streak was evident when my 7 year old neice challenged me to a race. Similar happenings when a girl challenged me to a race in Santa Barbara. Of course if either had been allowed to win I would never have heard the end of it :)

There was a nice South Indian brunch at the end of the run...


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