Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A new start!

Here's to the first run of the year!

I had expected to have packed on 4-5 pounds after my long vacation. I did not run a single step (except to get to the airports to avoid missing my flights as is customary for me now :p). I ate whatever I wanted, especially during the 4 day Nile cruise in Egypt. Yet I lost 3 pounds all in all. It's just that I was so active all through. I must have put on 4 pounds on the ship though :) The food could not be missed out on. At 142, I'm just 2 pounds from my goal!!!

A couple of people in our group in Egypt were surprised to know my real age. They confided in me that they through I was about 23??? OK that might have been pushing it too far but even looking younger than you are ain't too bad. Being in shape and dressing sharply does help I guess. I can see the difference from a few months ago.

When I came to work today I was so high on energy that I ran up six floors. I did get some odd stares :) There are days when you have to drag yourself to work so I'll take a day like today.

Here's to an awesome 2011 - YES WE CAN!!!


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