Sunday, January 23, 2011

That competitive streak...

Today was the Asha 5k new year resolution fun run/walk. I went down there to support the cause and offer words of wisdom to newbies but I was surprised by my competitive streak.

So we started running. There was a kid in front of everyone. I ran up to him and talked to him for a bit. Well, I think he was going all out and didn't have the energy for a chat :) Then I took off running on my own. I wasn't going all out, perhaps at tempo pace, but was and finished minutes ahead of everyone else. Now what I am wondering is that why did I feel the need to do this? Was it because I just felt like running fast? My competitive streak? Me pining for bragging rights if any (there really was none)? Or was it that kid who used to always finish last in races in school manifesting himself? Don't know :)

That streak was evident when my 7 year old neice challenged me to a race. Similar happenings when a girl challenged me to a race in Santa Barbara. Of course if either had been allowed to win I would never have heard the end of it :)

There was a nice South Indian brunch at the end of the run...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

These Saturday mornings...

It's 6am and dark outside. I set my alarm to snooze and try to catch a few more winks. I try to convince myself that I really don't need to leave my warm bed. Finally, I convince myself to get out. If I get late I won't catch my bus to make it to the 7:30am Chuckit run... If I allow myself to falter once I've opened the floodgates!

Once we start running I realize how much I've missed these runs. Getting to talk to everyone as miles get covered effortlessly and seamlessly... Miles and miles...

Today was about catching up with everyone.

Telling them stories about my travels. How I was lucky to get a flight out of London. The frozen canals in Amsterdam. The wonders of Egypt. Finally, Athens. Death Valley last week and then the trip next week and my hopes of seeing the Northern lights...

About running Paris and Berlin. Then London hopefully in 2012...

Then we talked about how I had gotten so out of shape. How I got rid of 23 pounds in the last 3 months odd... I was told that they could not imagine me with 23 extra pounds. Neither can I. When I look at my pics from Aug and Sept I cringe. Could I not see where I was going??? Never again please! I joked with them about the ridicule and rejection fat people have to go through in life :) The story of getting back in shape!

16 miles in near perfect conditions. I didn't even realize how quickly the 2+ hours went by. I'm looking forward to the next long run with Chuckit!

Running shoes update:
I just ordered 4 pairs of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5s for $270. These retail at $140 a pair so I think I got a steal :) It's been a while since I've put in these mass shoe orders :)))

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to Chuckit!

I went for a Chuckit run for the first time since April today! How I've missed having a group to run with. However, I did not want to go back when I was out of shape and a fat potato. Physically I'm in better shape now than at anytime I've been with Chuckit. Of course my running shape is not at peak yet but it's getting there.

How people in my life know me so well :) My exchange with Chuck today -

Chuck - "Hey, so are you joining us again?"
Me - "Yeah".
Chuck - "So did you sign-up for 20 marathons?"
Me - "No, only Paris :p"
Chuck - "I have a schedule you could follow but I know you won't listen to me"
Me - "No, this time I will follow the schedule"
Chuck - "You can join the folks who are running about a 3:10-3:20. That's what you run right?"
Me - "That's what I used to run once upon a time"
Chuck - "You'll get there again!"

I've never listened to my coach but this time I'm going to give it a shot. I'll do everything he tells me to do and see what happens. After all he is the coach and knows better than me :) Yeah, I know that I think I know what is best for me ALWAYS :)

The folks I ran with today are so focused and zoned in. If I run with them for a bit I don't think I'll be short of motivation!

I went to the French consulate at San Francisco this weekend. The officer asked me the purpose of my visit.

Me - "I'm running the Paris marathon. I'm sooo excited. It's the 35th anniversary and I'm really looking forward to running it!"
Him - "You are a marathon runner. Very very good"

After that he was so happy that he stamped my passport immediately and gave it to me (normally they mail it to you a couple of days later). He also gave me a visa for double the time I asked for. Clearly, he was happy that someone was coming to run a marathon in his country :)

I've read of people getting thrown out of planes but this was the first time I got to see it happen. A lady in my plane from Vegas to Seattle yesterday had left her laptop in the airport. The plane doors had closed. She was texting away in spite of the air hostess telling to stop. The air hostess went - "If the plane goes back to the terminal there are going to be cops waiting for you. 5..4..3..2..1". She did not stop. The plane went back to the terminal and a cop escorted the lady out. She was united with her laptop I think :p

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A new start!

Here's to the first run of the year!

I had expected to have packed on 4-5 pounds after my long vacation. I did not run a single step (except to get to the airports to avoid missing my flights as is customary for me now :p). I ate whatever I wanted, especially during the 4 day Nile cruise in Egypt. Yet I lost 3 pounds all in all. It's just that I was so active all through. I must have put on 4 pounds on the ship though :) The food could not be missed out on. At 142, I'm just 2 pounds from my goal!!!

A couple of people in our group in Egypt were surprised to know my real age. They confided in me that they through I was about 23??? OK that might have been pushing it too far but even looking younger than you are ain't too bad. Being in shape and dressing sharply does help I guess. I can see the difference from a few months ago.

When I came to work today I was so high on energy that I ran up six floors. I did get some odd stares :) There are days when you have to drag yourself to work so I'll take a day like today.

Here's to an awesome 2011 - YES WE CAN!!!

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