Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks and the Bronx River Parkway trail

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. It gives me a chance to reflect on everything in life I should be thankful for... Family and friends - who are there for me no matter what... There have been times over the years, especially when I was a student, that I was thankful that I have had a place to stay every night and enough to eat...

This year after three years, I visited my sister for Thanksgiving! It was a surprise trip and I was very well fed on Turkey day :) Given that my sister is a gourmet cook, I dare not miss out on the food. However, it also means that I needed to get in my runs to burn as many of the extra calories as possible :p

When I'm in Valhalla (Westchester county, New York), I run on the Bronx river parkway trail. It's a beautiful trail by the river, highway and trail tracks - Valhalla, North White plains, White Plains, Hartsdale, Scarsdale... It was nice to be running in warmer, drier and mostly sunny weather.

For me a run has to be at least 17 miles before it can be called a long run. I ran 17 miles on Saturday - my first long run since I ran the marathon in May. It was a comfortable run... The song in my head: ... Purano Sei Diner Katha

Sunday's run was just perfect - these are the kind of days I run for! A crisp, beautiful, sunny, Fall day when running just felt effortless! The song in my head: Beautiful Day - U2

This week's mileage total = 53 -> 6,6,(6,6),0,6,17,6. The most I've run in a week this year.

Thanksgiving observation: The exit row seats are amazing. On both my flights en-route New York, I got exit seats. An added bonus was that there was no-one seated next to me. So I could lie down or stretch my legs depending on my mood. For the full Seattle-Houston flight this was really lucky since the flight was full! I overheard a guy muttering as he passed by me - "This guy really lucked out!" :)))


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