Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life comes a full circle

About seven years back, I first started my mission to get in shape. In the process I found running. My modus operandi was to start eating healthy and working out as much as possible. I ran through the Boston winters to the gym and was usually the last person to leave. The people would have to throw me out :)

Once I got in shape, I became more lax about eating healthy. After all I was putting enough miles to control my weight.

For the first time this summer I have gotten so out of shape that I've begun to take notice! I have not run since the Green bay marathon and have been eating very unhealthy food. I have been travelling a lot so this has thrown my schedule out of whack.

So this week has been a new start for me. I've promised to eat healthy till I get back to my best shape. I am doing this for MYSELF! It should not be as difficult this time around. Off the couch I was still able to run 36 miles this week. It wasn't easy/fast/comfortable but the point is that I still could. My weight isn't at the point it was in 2003 but it's getting there. I probably don't have the motivation to workout as I did in '03 but am being stricter about my diet.

My food pledge - I won't eat out till I hit 150 pounds. I am at 162 now. My desired goal is 140. Once I hit 140 my running can sustain me so I will allow myself more freedom in my diet. Once my weight is in control I also want to work on my core and upper body.

Good luck to me!


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