Monday, September 20, 2010

Dealing with dissapointment

There are times in life that you let your guard down and go all out trying for something. You have a single focus - you gamble and take risks. When you fail it feels like a knock out punch - a sickening blow in the stomach. Today I got knocked out. I am down on the ground now but I know I will get up and fight again. If I had to do things again I'd not change a thing. The important thing is to collect the positive experiences, forget the negatives and move on. Everything happens for a reason - you might know it right away but not want to acknowledge it or you might discover it days/weeks/months/years later...

So where does this leave my fitness pledge? I've already indulged in a helping of chocolate milk today... Hopefully, I'll get back on track. After all if there's anything that helps bring my spirits up it is running. God, please don't take my ability to run from me ever... please...


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