Monday, September 20, 2010

Dealing with dissapointment

There are times in life that you let your guard down and go all out trying for something. You have a single focus - you gamble and take risks. When you fail it feels like a knock out punch - a sickening blow in the stomach. Today I got knocked out. I am down on the ground now but I know I will get up and fight again. If I had to do things again I'd not change a thing. The important thing is to collect the positive experiences, forget the negatives and move on. Everything happens for a reason - you might know it right away but not want to acknowledge it or you might discover it days/weeks/months/years later...

So where does this leave my fitness pledge? I've already indulged in a helping of chocolate milk today... Hopefully, I'll get back on track. After all if there's anything that helps bring my spirits up it is running. God, please don't take my ability to run from me ever... please...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life comes a full circle

About seven years back, I first started my mission to get in shape. In the process I found running. My modus operandi was to start eating healthy and working out as much as possible. I ran through the Boston winters to the gym and was usually the last person to leave. The people would have to throw me out :)

Once I got in shape, I became more lax about eating healthy. After all I was putting enough miles to control my weight.

For the first time this summer I have gotten so out of shape that I've begun to take notice! I have not run since the Green bay marathon and have been eating very unhealthy food. I have been travelling a lot so this has thrown my schedule out of whack.

So this week has been a new start for me. I've promised to eat healthy till I get back to my best shape. I am doing this for MYSELF! It should not be as difficult this time around. Off the couch I was still able to run 36 miles this week. It wasn't easy/fast/comfortable but the point is that I still could. My weight isn't at the point it was in 2003 but it's getting there. I probably don't have the motivation to workout as I did in '03 but am being stricter about my diet.

My food pledge - I won't eat out till I hit 150 pounds. I am at 162 now. My desired goal is 140. Once I hit 140 my running can sustain me so I will allow myself more freedom in my diet. Once my weight is in control I also want to work on my core and upper body.

Good luck to me!

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