Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whidbey Island Marathon 2009 Race Report

7am, Whidbey Island, WA
Temperature: 41F-46F, Sunny
Humidity: 70%-63%

- Quality race T shirt: one of the best I've gotten
- Probably the most challenging course I've run. Even tougher than Seafair because of the late hills. I have no complains however because the course is very scenic and it's pretty obvious from the reputation of this race that it's not a PR course.
- Mile markers were here and there but this is the first course ever that my Garmin measured as exactly 26.22 miles!
- Surprisingly there were some people cheering which is neat for a rural course.
- During the final few miles you encounter walkers and half runners. This can be good and bad. Also, these miles are an out and back so you're just pining to start heading back.
- You see the finish line around mile 17. Ouch!
- I would recommend running this marathon for the satisfaction of completing a difficult marathon.

- Considering the rain leading up to the race it was amazing that the sun was out for the run. When I started driving at 4am it was snowing!
- The tendon connecting my right ankle began to hurt right from the start. I had no issues with in coming in so perhaps some warming up would have helped. I had considered dropping out but it would just be a hassle to get back to the start and my car at the finish. I did realize that running on would probably result in a few days off from running (I was correct - my ankle was swollen to the size of a tennis ball the day after). I spent some time during miles 3 and 4, trying to stretch out the ankle but that did not really help.
- I ran into some friendly maniacs during the first few miles. I hope I did not offend them by not being able to chat with them since I wasn't feeling that great.
- I had intended to take pics during my run but I soon realized that getting a 3:45 would not be easy and with my ankle issues I did not want to have to stop and start often...
- There were some strong headwinds to contend with especially during the middle miles - no complains however - SUN :)
- I ran into a friend running the half (this was a nice surprise).
- I just achieved my goal of not PWing with 25 sec to spare.


mile 1: 8:42
mile 2: 8:41
mile 3: 9:53 (-0.01)
mile 4: 9:09 (+0.02)
mile 5: 9:08 (-0.04)
mile 6: 8:17 (+0.02)
mile 7: 8:28 (+0.02)
mile 8: 9:13 (+0.02)
mile 9: 8:41 (+0.03)
mile 10: 8:33 (+0.03)
mile 11: 8:20
mile 12: 8:33
mile 13: 8:52 (+0.07)
mile 14: 6:38 (-0.21)
mile 15: 8:26
mile 16: 9:14 (+0.07)
mile 17: 8:33
mile 18: 8:48 (-0.01)
mile 19: 8:31 (+0.01)
mile 20: 8:27 (-0.01)
mile 21: 8:13 (-0.01)
mile 22: 8:46 (+0.02)
mile 23: 8:55
mile 24: 8:24
mile 25: 8:29
mile 26: 7:27 (-0.09)
.22: 2:14 (+0.07)


Time: 3:45:24 @ 8:36
OA: 63/282
Male: 51/165
AG: 10/16


Anonymous Luna said...

Hello there,I arrived at your blog while looking for foot pain caused by running...and foun your "cuboid stress fracture" post.I started running one month ago, last week while running i started feeling pain on the upper-left side of my foot...which is not going away!!The pain is as you described it,so i was wondering how did you get it diagnosed?I really hope it's not a fracture, but i have been running before and never experienced anything like this :(
thank you!!

9/21/2009 2:11 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

If you've started running 1 month ago hopefully, it's just your body getting used to the wears and tears of running...

Make sure you have proper running shoes (go to a speciality running store to figure out what you need). You might need orthodics as well.

Take sometime off (perhaps 2 weeks) and see if that helps.

If you still have issues head to an orthopedist/podiatrist... As for a sfx... sometimes after a couple of weeks it shows up on a xray but the sureshot way of finding out is through a MRI (which is expensive).

Good luck!

9/21/2009 2:43 PM  
Anonymous Luna said...

thank you!I guess i only need to be patient :)

9/22/2009 6:39 AM  

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