Sunday, March 01, 2009

Skagit Symphony Smelt run 10k 2009

I had not been able to get past my official 10k PR of 43:30 at the 2005 Malden Rotary 10k for a while... I don't run too many 10ks and I seem to run into all sorts of obstacles when I do run them (heat, hills, humidity...).

Based on my recent tempo runs it did look like I was in shape for a new 10k PR so I signed up for this race. I felt hopeful that I would be able to maintain a 6:30-6:40 pace...

As usual I started off a bit fast. Jason who is way faster than me was behind me for a bit. For the middle miles I ran with an elderly guy (perhaps 55+) who went on to leave me in the dust :) My excuse I had not still recovered from my tempo run on Thursday (still sore)... That did tell for the last couple of miles when my legs just felt dead. From mile 4.5-5.5 my pace had dropped to the 7:15s amidst a headwind and a slight climb before I picked it up.

All in all:
- A nice course
- Very well organized
- Nice cause
- Good post race food (cake etc.)
- Fun run

mile 1: 6:23
mile 2: 6:30
mile 3: 6:37
mile 4: 6:41
mile 5: 6:50
mile 6: 6:53
mile .22: 1:36 @ 6:43

Time: 41:30 @ 6:40


Blogger Runtime said...

Three marathons and a 10K already this year? Hmmm... I predict another maniac level for you this year. ;)

3/06/2009 7:47 AM  

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