Sunday, January 04, 2009


My first activity on waking up in 2009 (after going to sleep at 4:30am) was to volunteer for the Resolution Run 5k in Magnuson Park . I was assigned a course marshal duty at the start of the loop around Kite hill (1.5 mile mark). It was very windy - frigid. I'd have to say I'd gladly have run the race and taken a dip in Lake Washington instead. Anyways in return for volunteering I get to pick a free race later on in the year (Probably going to be the firecraker 5000).

This week was my best running week in a long time - both in terms of total mileage and length/time of my long run. Next week will be a cut back...

Mon - 7.0
Tue - 6.5 w/8*400m
Wed - 7.0
Thu - 7.1
Sat - 7
Sun - 15
Total - 49.7 miles

Last week:

Mon - 7.0
Wed - 7.2
Thu - 5.1
Sat - 7.1
Total - 26.4 miles


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