Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nookachamps Half-marathon 2009

10:03am, Mount Vernon, WA
Temperature: 41F
Humidity: 87%

Nookachamps was to be my first race in my come back from my stress fracture. I had hardly gotten in any training and no speed work. Last year with better training I had run a 1:40:XX on this course. I had struggled in the last half of the race. Therefore, this year I decided I would shoot for a 1:40 and try to avoid having to struggle in the last half.

The weather was perfect for running - foggy and relatively warm.

I ran a couple of warm-up miles at 9:30am. I've usually done better in my halfs when I've warmed up so I'll keep with this practice in future races.

Before, the race I met Dan, a fellow Chuckit member, who I ran with for most of the race. Terry was running the 10k so he ran with us for the first 3 miles.

We decided that we would run 7:38s and shoot for a roughly 1:40 finish. Dan was also coming back from injury so he did no know what to expect.

After a conservative first mile, we gradually began to pick-up the pace. We were running faster than planned but I figured I'd just stick with Dan. Effectively, both of us were pushing each other. We decided to keep going and just hoped that the end would not get ugly. All through we passed runners... I would not have run the race I ran if I did not have Dan to pull me along.

I had been to Fir Island a couple of weeks back to photograph the Snow Geese. We passed by the same fields today but they were covered by fog. We could hear the geese and the hunters.

Around mile 10 we reached the turn-around. This was great since we passed a few fellow Chuckit runners on both ways.

On the mile 11 hill, Dan fell back. This was a tough mile. What kept me going was that I was so close to a PR... I could see Larry and Neil in front of me but I never managed to catch them (they would finish 40s in front of me). Dan caught up and passed me right near the finish. He mentioned how it was helpful for him to have me as a target...

I was surprised with how well this run went. Without doubt this was my best paced half marathon. With minimal training I was within seconds of my PR! My PR was on a faster and flatter course... Here's to a good next few weeks of running!


mile 1: 7:34
mile 2: 7:19
mile 3: 7:24
mile 4: 7:12
mile 5: 7:13
mile 6: 7:20
mile 7: 7:16
mile 8: 7:09
mile 9: 7:04
mile 10: 7:02
mile 11: 7:32
mile 12: 7:15
mile 13: 7:00
mile .11: :45 @ 6:57


1:35:04 @ 7:15
OA: 48/262
Male: 42/125
AG: 5/10

Sunday, January 04, 2009


My first activity on waking up in 2009 (after going to sleep at 4:30am) was to volunteer for the Resolution Run 5k in Magnuson Park . I was assigned a course marshal duty at the start of the loop around Kite hill (1.5 mile mark). It was very windy - frigid. I'd have to say I'd gladly have run the race and taken a dip in Lake Washington instead. Anyways in return for volunteering I get to pick a free race later on in the year (Probably going to be the firecraker 5000).

This week was my best running week in a long time - both in terms of total mileage and length/time of my long run. Next week will be a cut back...

Mon - 7.0
Tue - 6.5 w/8*400m
Wed - 7.0
Thu - 7.1
Sat - 7
Sun - 15
Total - 49.7 miles

Last week:

Mon - 7.0
Wed - 7.2
Thu - 5.1
Sat - 7.1
Total - 26.4 miles

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