Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pfitzinger on returning after a stress fracture

This is what I gleamed from Pfitzinger's guidelines on getting back:

  • On average, it takes 90 days for a stress fracture to heal completely
  • It is critical to start back slowly and increase your mileage gradually to allow the final healing to take place.
  • Before you can run you must be able to walk briskly without pain
  • The only way to know whether your body is ready to handle running is to run
  • If you have pain in the area that was injured then you have not healed sufficiently to run
  • Trying to run through the pain could severely set back your recovery
  • There is a danger during the first few weeks back of releasing your pent-up physical and emotional energy and overdoing it.
  • After a stress fracture, you need to increase the workload slowly and allow enough rest for the bone to adapt.
  • It will take several weeks before you are running far enough or hard enough to actually improve your cardiovascular fitness.
  • It is important not to increase the distance, frequency, and intensity of your running all at the same time. In any given week, you can increase one or two, but not all three of these training variables.
  • For the first several weeks, it is best to increase the distance and frequency of your runs, but to keep the intensity moderate.
  • Initially, you should run every 3rd day or every other day.
  • During this time it is important to avoid the factors that caused the injury in the first place.

    - * -

I completed my first week of running after the stress fracture. I'm going to take it very easy for the rest of the year. I guess there is no need for me to rush back. Patience

I was reminded about how uplifting running is for me. After my run today I am feeling so much more positive about things. I just looked at my depleted 401k balances and I am still smiling!

Tu - 1
Th - 2
Sa - 5
Total - 8


Blogger Phil said...

easy, easy, easy ... you've got nothing but time to get yourself back up to pre-injury condition.

I expect to see you running strong again in no time.

11/15/2008 10:01 PM  

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