Sunday, November 02, 2008

New York Marathon spectating

The one positive of not getting to run the marathon this year was that I got to spectate with a bunch of forum east coasters (a nice FE!). I don't think I'll ever have the luxury of coming down from Seattle to watch the race again.

We met up at the "Three star diner" for breakfast. Once we were done we found a nice spot on 1st Ave, a little after mile 17. The wheelchair athletes breezed by soon after. It would be a while before the elite runners would pass us so we indulged at a couple of great bakeries. The delicacies were great, not too sweet just right...

Radcliffe led the lead woman's pack with Goucher not far behind. The elite men were in a tighter pack. We waited for Donna, Joe and John before heading to the Manhattan club en route the finish.

As I watched the runners a whole gamut of thoughts went through my mind. I wished I was running this year. I though about how I would approach my comeback and running in general. Finally, I was inspired and determined to run next year.

Looking forward to the New York marathon 2009 - the 40th anniversary!


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