Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The MRI report

I got a copy of the MRIs and the official report... The image is not really discernible to me. I guess that's why radiologists get paid the big bucks :)


"Tendon signal appears preserved. There is mild increased signal in Lisfranc's ligament consistent with residual of prior moderate sprain. Plantar fascial signal is preserved.

Marrow signal is now diffusely increased in the cuboid with a coronal oblique low signal line across its mid portion from proximal medial to distal lateral consistent with trabecular or hairline fracture. No clear cortical break is identified. There is mild edema in the distal shaft and head of the fifth metatarsal consistent with stress reaction.

Muscle signal appears preserved."


"1. Diffuse stress reaction in the cuboid with a coronal oblique hairline fracture or trabecular fracture of the mid cuboid.
2. Stress reaction in the distal shaft and head of the fifth metatarsal."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lake Sammamish Trail

I've done hundreds of runs along the Lake Sammamish Trail by my house. However, the only time I've walked on the trail has been when I've injured myself during a run and had to walk back.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day - a day I would have loved to be out running on. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I took my camera and went out for a 5.5 mile walk. I've rarely walked so far but it was very enjoyable... My stress fracture was well protected by the air cast but having to walk with it made all the other muscles in my legs work hard.

There were so many runners out running. I cast a forlorn look each time they passed by - they might as well have pierced an arrow in my heart :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

CNN heros : Anne Mahlum - "Back on my feet"

In April, I first read the inspiring story of "Back on my Feet". So it was great to see today that the founder was honored as one of the top ten CNN 2008 heros!

Back on my feet

Cuboid Stress Fracture

So the ankle "sprain" I had turns out to be/have become a cuboid stress fracture.

"Patients with a cuboid stress fracture experience sharp pain at the plantar and lateral cuboid area of the foot. The pain is noted during heel lift and toe off while walking or running, however in some it is noted during minimal weightbearing. Pain on palpation of this area may be minimal, and no erythema oedema or rise in temperature may be found. However there were cases where there was pain on palpation over the cuboid and the peroneal tendons along the lateral aspect of the foot with passive inversion causing pain. Differential diagnosis include cuboid syndrome, peroneal longus tendinitis, fifth metatarsal base irritation and ligamentous strain.
That's that for running a marathon this year. This is my first stress fracture. I will have a lot of time to reflect on this one... I suspect that when I get back to running the memories of this experience will keep me in check and force me to be very conservative. I will try to improve my swimming and biking skills to get rid of this focus on running. Time will tell...

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Forced cut-back week

After 302 miles in September (a new calender month PR), October didn't get off to the best start. I didn't run for the first three days of it. I was forced to nurse a twisted ankle/inflammed tendon connection. I immediately got a PT appointment on Thursday in an attempt to nip this in the bud. The weekend went reasonably well - I ran a 23 miler on sort of tired legs after a 13 miler. My legs wouldn't have been too tired since it did get 3 days of rest before it! I'll have to see how the ankle holds up next week - fingers crossed!

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