Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crossing the 70mpw barrier

For only the second time in a while, I crossed the 70mpw barrier. The other time was before tapering for Newport. Unfortunately, I did not have time to build on that week. This time around I still have eight weeks to go before tapering for CIM.

Hill repeats always seem to arouse curiosity amongst casual observers. Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to something so masochistic? I was doing my workout on the hill by the intersection of 140th and 40St. The road leads to a dead end so there is hardly any traffic there. I noticed a car slow down. The guy in it finally pulled up against me and asked me - "If you don't mind me asking you, how many times do you go up and down this hill?" Me - "9 times." Him - "Impressive!" :)

I woke up at 6am on Saturday to see it raining outside. I wanted to get back to sleep! The good thing about meeting up with a running group is that it provides that added motivation to get out of the door. Once I got out of the door the rest was easy. I enjoyed my run! The chaffing from the rain (in spite of using Body Glide) made me wonder for the millionth time why God gave male human beings nipples :)

My Sunday run was very encouraging considering I was running on tired legs. My legs felt peppy and I could attack the 51st St hill, something I've rarely been able to do given the gradient of the hill.

Mon - 10.1
Tue - 10.3 w/10*800m
Wed - 13
Thu - 10 w/9*hill repeats
Fri - X
Sat - 22.1
Sun - 8

Total - 73.5


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