Sunday, September 28, 2008

Doubling up...

Thus far I have never felt the need to run doubles. My mileage for the most part has not been high enough to justify them and I'm too lazy to run twice a day. However, this week I decided that I needed to ease up the load on my legs a bit so I split my Mon and Wed runs. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes both mentally and physically. Monday went from being a longer day to two easy runs! Also, getting in morning runs in the weekdays will start getting me ready for the post-daylight saving time period when I will have to start running in the mornings to run in light.

I was encouraged by LT run on Thursday. For the first time I was able to hit the LT pace for my goal marathon time. The Tuesday 800s also felt much easier.

Mon: AM -5, PM - 5
Tue: 10.4 w/10*800m
Wed: AM -5, PM - 10
Thu: 10 w/6 LT
Fri: 5
Sat: 20
Sun: 8

Total: 78.4 miles

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crossing the 70mpw barrier

For only the second time in a while, I crossed the 70mpw barrier. The other time was before tapering for Newport. Unfortunately, I did not have time to build on that week. This time around I still have eight weeks to go before tapering for CIM.

Hill repeats always seem to arouse curiosity amongst casual observers. Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to something so masochistic? I was doing my workout on the hill by the intersection of 140th and 40St. The road leads to a dead end so there is hardly any traffic there. I noticed a car slow down. The guy in it finally pulled up against me and asked me - "If you don't mind me asking you, how many times do you go up and down this hill?" Me - "9 times." Him - "Impressive!" :)

I woke up at 6am on Saturday to see it raining outside. I wanted to get back to sleep! The good thing about meeting up with a running group is that it provides that added motivation to get out of the door. Once I got out of the door the rest was easy. I enjoyed my run! The chaffing from the rain (in spite of using Body Glide) made me wonder for the millionth time why God gave male human beings nipples :)

My Sunday run was very encouraging considering I was running on tired legs. My legs felt peppy and I could attack the 51st St hill, something I've rarely been able to do given the gradient of the hill.

Mon - 10.1
Tue - 10.3 w/10*800m
Wed - 13
Thu - 10 w/9*hill repeats
Fri - X
Sat - 22.1
Sun - 8

Total - 73.5

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Strength-building 800s

The notable workout this week was the 10*800s with 90s recovery. I've never done so many 800m repeats before in my life. It's supposed to build strength. I found the repeats as tough mentally as they were physically. My HR reached pretty close to my max HR (which was 200 bpm the last time I tested in 2005).

Mon - 6.2
Tue - 10.1 (w/10*800m)
Wed - 12
Thu - 9.0 (w/5 LT)
Fri - X
Sat - 21.1
Sun - 8

Total - 66.4

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Madison park

The meet up point for our group long runs moved this week to Madison park from Green lake. This gives the Seattle marathon folks a chance to acclimatize with the race course and the rest of us a change of scenery.

I got in a 21 miler with an out and back to Stewart park and then adding in miles on Madison ave and Lake Washington blvd. Madison ave sure felt hilly on tired legs.

I'm happy with my volume for this week - 63 (5 9 11 9 X 21 8), with a 2 mile TT on Tue and hill repeats on Thurs. These are still early days with 13 more weeks to go for CIM.

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