Tuesday, August 05, 2008

End of the Seafair marathon

Good bye Seafair marathon :( Hello Rock and Roll Seattle ...

After this year's fiasco the organizers sold out the race. Thus ends my love-hate relationship with the marathon. I was looking to get even with the new course over the 520 bridge (sigh)... The new marathon course seems to start in Tukwila of all places :- One of the attractions of the Seafair course for me was that the start/finish used to be just 5 minutes from home. Now I can skip this marathon and recover properly/not get injured after my Spring marathons :) For starters I resisted the temptation to register at half the entry fee today.

I guess it might not be a bad thing for the marathon in the long run. The RNR organization might be able to generate some buzz. The race might have fewer glitches. I'm sure the entry fees will increase quite a bit. This will probably end-up being a destination TNT event. Only time will tell what will happen to our local summer marathon :)


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