Sunday, May 11, 2008

New weekly mileage PR!

I hit a new weekly mileage PR this week. Digging up my old running log, my previous weekly PR was 81.55 in the week of 8/15/05. I was careful to monitor my HR for signs of over-training, while listening to my body. Next week as I enter taper I'll slash the volume and increase the intensity.

Mon-10.01 : Started off slowly, basically doing an inventory of my body after the marathon before settling into normal pace before the end
Tue-10.01 : This was to be a time trial but my coach stopped me after a mile. He indicated that training run or not 26.2 miles was a long way and I did not want to get hurt.
Wed-10.01 : The challenging part of this run was that it was 12 hours after yesterday's run.
Thur-12.01 w/8 @ MP : The encouraging part of this run was that I was able to hold or beat MP on tired legs. I got the feeling that I would have been able to hold MP for longer. Hopefully, taper does the trick.
Fri-12.01 : Nothing special about this run.
Sat-22.6 : Felt effortless. I could have gone on for a few miles more.
Sun -23.57 : This was a bit more difficult than yesterday's run because I did it without any fluids or fuel. I had not expected to go so long but I was feeling good so I figured what the heck - I was entering taper... What was great about this run was how low my HR stayed throughout.

8 day total: 126.46
Max 7 day total: 102.87
Max weekly (M-Su) total: 100.24


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