Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Beat the Bridge 8k Race Report

Husky Stadium, Seattle, 8:30am
Temperature: 59F
Humidity: 72%

I decided to run the BTB 8k as a tune-up race for Newport. I really had no idea about my fitness level so any data I could get would be helpful.

I had signed up for a blue bib (faster than 7 min/mile) pace so I really hoped I would be able to run faster than that. The theme of the race comes from the fact that the university bridge opens at 9:00am for a while. The challenge for the later runners is to make it past the bridge before it opens.

mile 1: 6:21 (163)
Having run so few shorter races, my general strategy for them is to go out as fast as possible and then hold on for dear life at the end. We passed the bridge for the first time. I was encouraged/surprised by the pace I was running at...

mile 2: 6:37 (180)
After running through the neighbourhoods we passed the bridge for the second time. I had beat the bridge!

mile 3: 6:46 + :15 (long) = 7:01 (180)
The only climb of any consequence.

mile 4: 6:22 (short) (180)
This was an out and back on the road outside the stadium...

mile .98: 6:38 @ 6:43 (180)
A finish in Husky stadium with the runners showing up on the mega-screen as they finished. Cool!
Chip: 33:02.2 @ 6:39
Gun: 33:16
OA: 145/4011
Male: 126/1970
AG: 31/411

All in all an encouraging result considering I ran 17 yesterday and last week was a mega-mileage week.
I loved this event and will probably run it again in the years to come. It had something for everyone (a walk, a fun run, the 8k appropriately started in waves, and a kids run). The race was chip timed with a $17 entry fee. I appreciated the option of not having to opt for and pay for another race T-shirt (the runners' race T-shirt stack issue :)).

Newport beacons - 13 days to go ...


Blogger Phil said...

Congrats on a really nice race.

5/26/2008 6:18 PM  

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