Saturday, April 12, 2008

Copper mountain - altitude running woes

I've not been blogging much about my running lately because most of it can be described by two words - "Same old".

Last Saturday, after getting in my 20 miler I headed for a vacation at Copper Mountain, Colorado. I knew the elevation (9700 ft) would have some effect on my running but I could not have imagined what would actually happen. After just 10 minutes of running at a very slow pace I felt almost suffocated. My 8 mile run was perhaps one of the most difficult runs in my life. The next day when the same thing happened I decided to give up on trying to running at Copper - it was not worth suffering through my vacation. My 22 miler today restored my confidence in my ability to run - all I needed was some more Oxygen. Interestingly, I spent 8 years growing up at an altitude of 7000ft. Clearly, I've retained no advantage from my days there... If I ever do run the Pike's peak marathon I will definitely have to do some altitude training.

Amazing sighting: On my way back from my long with the group today, I saw about 20 Corvettes of different colors driving one after the other. It must have been a dealer getting a new shipment or perhaps a Corvette club ...


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