Sunday, February 17, 2008

SF, Bronx half, Spring is near...

San Francisco: I had an enjoyable trip to SF the week before last. It made me reflect about how mellow the hills we whine about here are. Heck, walking up some of those hills appeared difficult, yet I saw runners getting in their runs...

Bronx half: I had intended to run this last Sunday. I even made it to the start but I could not find any place to park. I circled a three mile radius before giving up and going home. I guess I've been so spoilt here that I did not even think about parking being an issue! Parking close by (perhaps in Yonkers) and taking the train in would have made sense.

Spring like temperatures: I enjoyed my runs this week especially the weekend runs. Being about to run without gloves felt good. I also had my first hill workout with the group. It sure made the repeats easier...


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