Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 1/14-1/20

Tue - 7.5 w/3 LT, 31F, Cloudy: A group run in Greenlake. We got quite a bit of snow yesterday so a little bit of the path was still icy.

Wed - 12 Medium-Long, Treadmill: My longest run on the TM in a while. I could have gone longer but the TM reset after 99 minutes! To add insult to injury the TM informed me before shutting down - "Goal Achieved" :)

Sat - 22 Long, 39F(35F), Rain: This run was about sucking it up in the cold rain and getting in the miles. It felt good to be done with the run. I got in the big hill leading up to home twice. I missed running with the group today. I slept late and did not feel like waking up at 6:30am.

Sun - 12 Medium-Long, 39F(35F), Cloudy w/cameos from the sun: This felt much better compared to yesterday's wet run. Both today's and yesterday's runs ended up being ultra-training style lsds...

Total = 53.7

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nookachamps Half-marathon Race Report 2008

Mount Vernon, 10:04am, 48F, 82%

* Nice no-frills race with a $20 entry fee
* Warm gym in Sagit Valley College to wait in before the race
* Reasonably scenic
* Great weather - no rain! Can't use that as an excuse :)
* Mile markers were a little off but the course distance was right on
* One of my worst times in a half.
* My legs felt pretty dead for most of the race. Aerobically, I felt great but there is no way my legs could take me any faster. My average HR was typically what it is in a marathon.
* I guess I was not ready for the "flat loop course" with "one steep grade"...

mile 1: 7:23 (172)
mile 2: 7:16 (169)
mile 3: 7:38 (174) + :10
mile 4: 7:19 (174) - 0.03
mile 5: 7:45 (174) + :11
mile 6: 7:47 (173) + :02
mile 7: 7:17 (172) - 0.04
mile 8: 7:57 (173)
mile 9: 7:44 (170) + :12
mile 10: 7:33 (170) - 0.02
mile 11: 8:05 (173) - 0.1
mile 12: 7:55 (172) +:05
mile 13: 7:41 (172)
mile 13.11 1:09 (175) +0.04

13.1 @ 1:40:38 (172) @ 7:41

Monday, January 07, 2008

First shoe change of the year

My first shoe change of the year is always nice because I get to try out a new shoe model. I end up being a year behind because I stock up on my year's supplies of shoes when stores are getting rid of the old models on sale to make space for the new ones. So now I am on the 2120s...

Mon - 7 w/5 @ LT, Treadmill: I cut down the pace to make sure I get in 5 miles at tempoish pace. The heat in the gym got to me a bit...

Tue - 13 Medium-Long, 35F(26F), Rain: Unlike last week I got up early and headed out in the dark. I saw a pair of interesting cranes/stocks - I've never seen this species of bird here before ...

Thur - 7.14 Easy, Treadmill: Good deed of the day - I got someone who's never ever gone to a gym to do so. It was a good thing that this was an easy run so I could talk to him when necessary while running. An ex-roommate had done the same favor for me a few years back - before that the though of entering a gym was intimidating to me ...

Fri - 5 w/6*1 min striders, Treadmill: Musing - Why do Google employees at the Pro-club feel the need to wear a cotton Google T to the gym?

Sat - 13.11 Race

Sun - 7 Recovery, 49F, Sun: It was sunny, bright, dry and warm - very rare for a winter day in these parts. I found myself squinting in the brightness when I came out - kind of like a hostage coming out of a dark dungeon after weeks. The trail was packed - I think pretty much everyone was outside. It felt like I was in the midst of a Seahawks tailgate party (OK, I guess it's too late for that now) :) An old lady, who was perhaps doing 80 min miles was shocked when I ran by her - she exclaimed "Jesus. Say something." I think if I said something before I ran by she would have been even more shocked :) I was pretty sore after yesterday. However, it felt nice to run on the soft grass, abet at a very slow pace. I think I felt better after the run than I did before it.

Total = 52.4

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Cold Runner - Patrick White

We really should be whining about winter - we have it pretty good here

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