Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back home

I reached Seattle after a marathon 36 hour return trip. For the most of the week I dealt with jet lag and tiredness. I was also getting my diet into order after eating too much in India. I did eat everything I wanted to since I don't get to visit India often. However, that means I will now have to do the hard work to get back into shape ...

Tue: 6 easy, Treadmill: I can't describe how easy this run felt after the miles on the TMs in India. I had never realized a good TM makes such a difference. It was nice to run in a decent temperature and not feel dehydrated/dead 30 minutes into the run.

Wed: 12 Medium-Long, 43F(34F), 21-28mph Wind, Rain: This was surely different from all the treadmill miles I had been putting in over the last few days. Running into a head wind in the rain adds another dimension to things. Most of the people on the trail seemed pretty happy. A joyously cyclist pointed to an eagle as he passed me.

Thur: 6.3 Tempo, Treadmill: I was still sore after the 12 miler. I guess I'd not run that long for a bit.

Sat: 17 Long, 37F Rain:

This was my first run with Chuckit. Running should be more fun with a support group and I could use the help of a coach. More over this will get me out of my comfort zone. For instance there is no way I would have been heading out of the door at 6:45am in the dark and rain for a run.

I've never done a training run in Seattle. Without the folks I ran with, I would have been lost for sure. I guess I'm out of shape since I kept whining about how fast these people were running. OK, I guess they were running a little fast since we averaged 8:06 for the run and I signed up for a 8:30-9:00ish pace group :) I guess if I don't get injured this will be good for me.

Sun: 6.7 Recovery, 47F(41F), Rain: A peaceful run in the rain. For the most part I did not look at my watch. I was surprised to see four other folks running. Usually, in these conditions the only creatures on the trail are the Canadian geese. Luckily this is not mating season so they are more friendly. The fractional mileage was due to my OCD to get in 48 miles for the week :)


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