Monday, December 31, 2007


I ended the year with 1765 miles. It was better than a dismal 2006 but still no where near 2005. My miles/week and miles/month graphs pretty much tell the complete story. I can only hope 2008 is a better and more consistent year (I love leap years!)

Mon - 6 w/4 @ LT, Treadmill: I had intended to get in 5 miles at LT but my body was just not up to it so I listened to my body:) I'm getting a thickened toe nail removed in the afternoon so it was good to get my run done in the morning. It's not that the toe nail is bothering me but in it's current state it's not falling off, I cannot trim it and it has no chance to regrow

Tue - 7 Easy, 45F(39F), Cloudy: My dermatologist advised me not to get my toe nail removed. The clincher was that I would not be able to run for a week if I did get it removed. I already have enough obstacles in getting in my running - I did not need another one to start off the new year :) We settled for clipping it and filing it (which hurt too).

I tried out my new Nike light weight running gloves! The wicking material is so better than the woolens I was running in.

My run would not be complete without being chased by another dog to get the adrenaline flowing. This one looked pretty fierce, with it's sharp teeth! If I had a dog I would shorten it's leash when I saw people approaching instead of talking to it and expecting it to listen to me :)

Wed AM - 5 Easy, 40F(33F), Cloudy
Wed PM - 6.5 VO2Max - 6*800m, 40F(36F), Rain: It helped the the lights were on at the track (last week it was dark). Each repeat was slower than the next but these are early days so hopefully it will get easier.

Thur - 13 Medium-Long, 42(36F), Cloudy/Wind/Rain: In the morning I slept in after convincing myself I was tired and sore, and therefore needed more sleep. When I woke up I could not believe that I had blown off my run and unless the two extra hours of sleep had gotten rid of the soreness I saw none of that too... My punishment was having to run in the dark. Luckily I escaped the rain and wind for quite a bit of the run. I did see some other runners in the beginning of the trail with headlamps etc. but towards the outer reaches of the trail I was by myself. It's interesting that with a lot of the trees having shed their leaves the city lights were more visible in the distance compared to summer when the trail is pretty dark.

Sat - 18.1 Long, 41F(34F), Rain/Wind: * I would almost certainly not have gotten up for my run (with it raining and the wind howling) if I didn't have people to run with
* It was nice to run through downtown Seattle
* A lot of the run was on concrete (not good)
* Some nice hills (good)
* We saw the Seahawks faithful (bomb squad and all) gradually assembling near Qwest Field ahead of the playoff game against the Redskins. We even were offered some beer (too early for 8:30am)
* The waves in Lake Washington. We had to run through some interesting wind gusts. These things builds character :)

Sun - 7 Recovery, 37F(31F), Freezing Rain- It started raining as soon as I started running. I was not dressed for the rain so I got pretty drenched. Oddly enough it stopped raining as soon as I stopped running!

Total = 62.8


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