Saturday, November 03, 2007

US Olympic Mens Marathon Trials

I stayed awake on Friday night so that I could catch the trials starting at 4:45am PST. It sure was worth staying awake for. I wish I was still living on the east coast and able to watch it in person. The three US OT qualifiers could not be more deserving!

USATF race coverage
NYRRC picture gallery

1. Ryan Hall: I had watched him during the London marathon. The way he broke away from the rest of the lead pack was amazing. He made running look so effort less all the way through to the end. Surely, a medal hopeful at Beijing. His response when asked when he will be training for Beijing: "I have been training for it for a long time now, starting with my first 15 mile run around the lake."

2. Dathan Ritzenhein

3. Brian Sell: He is considered to work the hardest of the US runners, averaging 160 miles a week. If he did not make the top 3 he indicated the he was going to quit running and go back to Dental school to provide for his family.

The new dawn for US distance running was clouded by the death of Ryan Shay when he was 5.5 miles into the race. I cannot imagine what his family must be going through but yet his father took the time to thank the running community:

My Son Ryan Shay 11/3/2007 2:55PM - "My family, Alicia, and I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. The calls and e-mails are over whelming. God bless you all. Joe Shay"

Small Town Mourns a Running Marvel


Blogger Phil said...

Excellent write up Sub. Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures, especially those of Hall winning the marathon in spectacular fashion. Ironically, one of the best days in US Marathoning history was also one of the worse. I thought you balanced the two sides very well, whereas, all the popular press wanted to focus on was the Shay's tragedy.

Take care.

11/12/2007 3:41 PM  

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