Saturday, November 24, 2007

Heading to India...

This was another good week. All in all I had 45.7 miles - 3 runs on the treadmill (1 LT, 1 10 miler & a VO2 max - 6*800m @ 5k) and 2 outside.

Some thoughts as I ran my 17 miler today
- I saw someone I know, and running the Seattle marathon tomorrow, panting up the 51st hill. Why is he not saving his legs for the race?
- What a beautiful day for running: 45F, sunny and dry
- Dodging two dogs and how their owners tried to explain their dogs' (mis)behavior
- As I passed a family of three, the mom and daughter walking & the dad on the skate board, the daughter warned her dad to watch out for the runner on the right. I am a runner - :happy)
- I had intended to run 16 miles but then I remembered that this would put me at around 44.4 miles for the week. So I need to run 16.6 miles today. Then I reasoned that if I ran 16.6 miles it made no sense not to run 17 miles. That's how I convinced myself run an extra mile :)
- It was getting cold on my way back, running into the wind.
- The beautiful sunset. I run for moments like this!
- Toxic fumes from a bulldozer and a man smoking just did not seem to go with the fresh/unpolluted air by the river...
- I continue to struggle up the 51st hill at the end of my long runs.

I will be heading to India on vacation on Thursday so I don't know how much running I will be able to get in over the next three weeks. I won't be brave enough to try running outside. Hopefully, I'll find a treadmill somewhere. My goal for the vacation is the typical holiday season dream - eat all the junk I want to and not gain any weight :)

An interesting article in the NY times about getting back to an activity after a break: Short Layoff, Long Comeback - Gina Kolata

"One of the first and most noticeable effects of detraining is that that plasma volume is lost."

"But if runners keep running, even if they cover many fewer miles than at their peak, they can maintain their plasma volume"

"Within three months of detraining, athletes are no different in these measures than people who had been sedentary all their lives."

"But the good news is that it takes much less time to regain fitness for a specific sport than it did to become fit in the first place. Even exercise physiologists are surprised at how quickly the body can readapt when training resumes."


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