Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fickleness of marathon weather

It's always amazing how even after the best training cycle your marathon can be ruined by bad weather. This weekend is the biggest marathon weekend of the year with the running of the Chicago, Twin Cities, Steamtown, Portland, St George and a bunch of other marathons. It's estimated that one of seven active US marathoners will be running a marathon this weekend. Unfortunately, some regions of the country including Chicago are expected to have unseasonably warm temperatures... While this sucks, over time if we run enough of these marathon "things" our luck is bound to even out. That said we can always improve our odds by running a marathon like Philadelphia which almost always has good weather.

After a rough first marathon my luck with marathon weather has been getting better (fingers crossed). I've been trying to avoid the iffy weather zones. My weather fortunes:

Marine Corps 2004 (Horrible)
Philadelphia 2004 (Excellent)
Boston 2005 (Horrible)
Vermont City 2005 (Bad)
Steamtown 2005 (Excellent)
Richmond 2005 (Good)
Knickerbocker 2005 (Good)
Seafair 2006 (Bad)
Eugene 2007 (Excellent)
Seafair 2007 (OK)

With 34 hours to go the weather at St. George is trending towards an "excellent" :)


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