Saturday, September 15, 2007

When 43 miles is worth a 100 miles...

I just ran 43 miles this week but that was almost worth 100 miles to me considering that I had to abort two run after just a mile last week. Every run this week seemed like a step forward... I have so say I'm impressed by my PT. He's the Vice President of PT at the ProClub so he sure knows what he's doing. The weather was great for running this week - dry, cloudy and in the 60s. I'm sure I'll miss the sun during the wet, dark winter days but for now I'm happy to see it go :)

Mon - 5, TM: My first run since the injury that I did not have to abort preemptively.
Tue - 7.3, TM: I wanted to see if I would be able to run for an hour.
Wed: Consolidation.
Thur - 8: My first run outside in a bit. It felt so much better than my last run outside. That was also an 8 miler but was very very painful. I enjoyed this run - I found myself smiling towards the end. It's so much easier running outside than on the TM.
Fri - 6: Consolidation. Getting in some miles
Sat - 17: I needed the time on my feet. It was not totally painless. I could feel both my ITB and the gluts aka. my butt muscles. I think the injury held up well for the most part but I'll only know for sure tomorrow and after my next run.


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