Monday, September 24, 2007

Countdown to the marathon

Mon- 7.5 miles: Today was an amazing fall day - crisp, cool & sunny. I love running in the fall, with the leaves turning color and falling. My run ended up being a stress test for my injury. I got in some decent hills with a couple of MS guys. I pushed the pace to the 7s and 6s for a bit of the downhills to see how my leg felt - it held up OK. I wish I could have gotten in more of these workouts - I could have been well prepared for this marathon - sigh ...

Tue - 6.5 miles:
A run on the trail, with the hill leading to it, in the beginning and the end. I started running around 7pm yet it was dark half way into the run. After daylight saving time ends in November I'll have to stop being lazy and start running in the morning!

Wed- One of those days. I rightly decided that I needed rest and skipped my run and gym time. I fell asleep on my couch as soon as I came home. I woke up at 5:15am and moved to my bed.

Thur- 8.1 miles: Did I mention how much I love running in Fall yet :)

Fri - 6 - Tempo-ish run on the TM. I snuck out of work for my PT appointment at 1pm. Given that I was already at the gym, it made sense to get in my run and gym stuff out of the way. It was a lovely day outside but I figured I'd give my legs a break on the flattish soft TM surface.

Sat - 12: My last run of any consequence before the 'thon. I plan to just run three five milers next week. I got in half the miles on the Bridle trails and the rest on the usual Lake Sammamish trail. It was raining so I ended up drenched and with bloody nipples. Usually I don't need body glide for such distances but when your clothes are drenched ... Luckily blood gets off clothes easily. Along the way there was a lady who told me "to look out for the Salmon while I am running. They are returning from Puget sound and are jumping in the water." I looked out for them but I didn't see any :)

Total = 40.2

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cramming for the marathon...

This week reminds me of school, when I'd realize at the last moment that I was not prepared for an upcoming exam. I would cram the stuff that I though was important. Keeping with that spirit, this week I crammed in a 22 miler, a MLR and a tempo run. I think this marathon will end up like those exams - I got through them OK but I knew I was capable of doing much better :)

Mon - 6: This run was significant because I went back to my nemesis, the hills which got me injured. I got through the run intact!
Tue- 10.2: Also, included my nemesis. I started hurting (my glutes) after about 5.5 miles so the rest was a little uncomfortable.
Wed- 7: Back to the TM for a tempo run. The even surface of the TM coupled with a visit to the PT in the morning must have contributed to this run being pain free.
Thur- 8: Solid run outside without any issues.
Fri - Travel day to visit my sister in NY state - Westchester county.
Sat - 22.2: I got up for the run at 6:30am EST, which is 3:30am Seattle time! I stuck with my typical route starting in Valhalla. However, this time I parked in the Kensico dam and split my run into 6, 6, 5, 5 out and backs on the Bronx river parkway trail. This way I could bail out if I needed to and also could hydrate properly. I will don't think I will every be able to wear a water belt. The conditions were difficult for me - upper 60s & 90%+ humidity. I guess we are too spoilt in the NW. The great thing was that my injury did not act up for the entire run! The run did include some climbs to test my legs.

Total = 52.5 miles

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When 43 miles is worth a 100 miles...

I just ran 43 miles this week but that was almost worth 100 miles to me considering that I had to abort two run after just a mile last week. Every run this week seemed like a step forward... I have so say I'm impressed by my PT. He's the Vice President of PT at the ProClub so he sure knows what he's doing. The weather was great for running this week - dry, cloudy and in the 60s. I'm sure I'll miss the sun during the wet, dark winter days but for now I'm happy to see it go :)

Mon - 5, TM: My first run since the injury that I did not have to abort preemptively.
Tue - 7.3, TM: I wanted to see if I would be able to run for an hour.
Wed: Consolidation.
Thur - 8: My first run outside in a bit. It felt so much better than my last run outside. That was also an 8 miler but was very very painful. I enjoyed this run - I found myself smiling towards the end. It's so much easier running outside than on the TM.
Fri - 6: Consolidation. Getting in some miles
Sat - 17: I needed the time on my feet. It was not totally painless. I could feel both my ITB and the gluts aka. my butt muscles. I think the injury held up well for the most part but I'll only know for sure tomorrow and after my next run.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kayaking Friday & a reason for optimism

On Friday I went kayaking on Lk. Washington as part of our team morale event. The weather was perfect. It was an amazing experience to be in the midst of nature - ducks, herons, turtles, vegetation, beaver lodges... I'll surely be back kayaking there again.

Today was the first time since my injury that I was able to finish a run without feeling my ITB. I ran a bit at tempo pace and the rest at a decent clip. This is surely a cause for optimism. My PT has given me a whole bunch of ITB stretching/strengthening exercises so I think I am on the right track.

I would not have even considered running the St. George marathon at this point had I not planned a vacation around it. I am really looking forward to this vacation in Utah.

The tests I must pass to attempt to finish the marathon:
i) A pain free 16 miler
ii) A pain free hilly 5 miler stressing my ITB.

Why I don't want to attempt to finish this if I don't pass the above tests:
i) Instead of wasting time on a DNF I can spend the time vacationing
ii) This particular brand of ITB injury is very debilitating on hills. It saps away all your power. Even walking up/down hills ends up being very painful!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor day weekend

I decided to get some help and visited a PT. He felt that my issues were because of an inflamed bursa and my ITB rubbing along it. He also indicated that I have serious issues with stability. I'm working on the strengthening exercises he gave me. I'm cleared to run as long as I stop as soon as I feel the injury. He warned that it's better not to run if I think I cannot run without aggravating the injury. So I blew off running and enjoyed my labor day weekend...

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