Tuesday, July 03, 2007

18/55, 18/70 Medley


I've decided to go with a medley of the 18/55 & 18/70. I'll shoot for the 18/70 but make sure I get in the 18/55 at the very least. This gives me some flexibility to skip a run or cut short a run.

Mon- Cloudy, 70F, Recovery 5 - A slow run but I'm sure it did me some good.

Tue- Cloudy, 70F, GA 9 w/4 @ LT - This was my first LT run in a while. It was warm but the conditions weren't too bad since the humidity was low. I started running at 9:15pm. Tempo runs always seems to go by fast since you're so focused on holding tempo pace.

Wed - I didn't get to run. Instead I spent 1 hour in the parking garage after the fireworks trying to get out. My entertainment for the day was a SUV rear-ending a sedan and getting apprehended. Now I can see how my car was rear-ended by another irresponsible SUV driver...

Thur- Cloudy, 75F-66F, Medium-Long 14 - I saw a deer towards the end of my run in Marymoor park! That really made my day. The deer gave me a stare which seemed to suggest - "Are you nuts? What are you doing running at 10:45 pm?" :)

Fri- Cloudy, 70F-63F, Medium-Long 11 - Treated myself to guilt-free ice-cream after the run :)

Sun - Sunny, 57F-62F, Long 26.22 - Seafair marathon


Blogger Phil said...

What is a "medley" as in ""I've decided to go with a medley of the 18/55 & 18/70"?

Best of luck recovering from your recent spat of injuries. I know the feeling. Right now, I'm just trying to keep my sites on the distant time horizon and not get depressed. You, on the other hand, just finished a fantastic half-marathon. Overall, you're in great shape. You'll be back to peak form in no time.

7/05/2007 11:01 PM  

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