Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yet another comeback attempt

So I start yet another comeback attempt... which will last until the next injury.


Tue- Cloudy, 66F, GA 9 - My quads were still sore from the half but this is the "good" kind of soreness. The kind of soreness after a hard workout. I finished my run at 10:30pm today! Amen to long summer days. It didn't get completely dark till about 10pm. It was almost a full moon so I completed my run in the moon light.

Thur- Cloudy, 64F, Medium-Long 14 - I felt sleepy yesterday so I blew my run :( I wonder how many miles I'll get in this week...

Sun- Cloudy, 73F-66F, Long 18 - I really felt like bagging this run during the first two miles. I claimed that it was too hot (the folks in TX & AZ would laugh their heads off if they heard this) and had a bunch of other excuses. Eventually, I won the mental battle. Once I got past 4 miles it was much better. I finished my run again at 10:30pm. Today, it was totally dark since there was no moon.

The story of the week was that I got in only 3 runs. I missed 3 runs! I put too much pressure on myself on those three days aiming for what was on schedule. I should have instead just got in 5 milers, then I would have had 56 for the week ... I've got to remember that any run is better than no run.


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