Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kicking off the 18/70

Week 1/18: (5 R, 8 GA, 11 ML, 5 R, 9 GA, X, 15 ML) = 53.7

I think I need to get back to writing my daily snippets. I can't remember anything about my runs for the week. All of them (except for today's run) started after 8pm. My run on Thursday started at 9:15pm! Thank you Spring... Thinking of my half marathon on the 24th, I tried to crank up the pace a bit for my runs on Friday and Sunday.

Today's 15 miler went well. It was sunny and in the 60s. The wind provided a respite from the sun... Running into the wind in warm temperatures is not as bad as in winter. There were quite a few runners getting in their long runs.

I went white water water rafting on the Wenatchee river on Saturday. Negotiating the rapids and the frigid water was fun. However, my legs did not like the booties that I wore. Today the bottom of both my feet seem to be acting up... Hopefully, this is not the beginning of a bout of PF.


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