Sunday, May 06, 2007

A week post marathon

The soreness from the marathon was gone by Tuesday which is faster than normal (normally it takes 3 days). However, my VMO & ITB issues on my right leg remained so I held off running. Obviously, if I could run a marathon with them around I could probably run if I wanted to but I wanted to give them time to heal...

The folks at my PT place seemed more happy than me about my marathon finish. For me it was more of a case of "been there done that". My PT told me that he was really proud of me. He was telling everyone out there that I ran a marathon. He had been treating me for 5 weeks before the marathon so I guess this was a goal accomplished for him as well.

My week was more or less dominated by someone rear-ending my car in the grocery store parking lot and taking off (I did not see it happen). It hurts because it's just a 3 month old car. It'll take $2400 in repairs to replace the trunk & bumper along with painting everything to match. Thanks to the WA state additional protection I'll just have to pay $300 in deductible to GEICO and I have a rental car for a week till I get my car back. It just makes me wonder how the guy who did this can live with himself. It had to take a really sloppy SUV driver to do what he did so I'm sure he'll end up with something worse soon and end up paying for it!

Friday started off with a morale event at work to see the first show of Spiderman 3. Before the movie they loaded us up with sugar - pastries, cookies, brownies, pie et al. That made me realize that I might run to train for marathons but I MUST run for fitness. I headed to the gym in the evening to cross-train :)

On Saturday morning Jon called me to check how I was doing after the marathon. He was going out for an 8 miler in 80F and 75% humidity in Dallas. It was cloudy and in the 50Fs here. I had to go out! I could feel both my VMO and my ITB and I just felt tired! My HR was elevated (it normally takes 3 weeks post-thon to get back to normal). I stopped 4 times during the 5 miler. I probably would have walked it in but running is so much faster.

Today's 5 miler was better. My ITB did not bother me and my VMO felt better. I didn't have to stop and actually enjoyed my run. My HR was still elevated. It was at MP effort for 9 min miles.


Blogger Phil said...

Congrats on the quick recovery. Sorry to hear about your car. I had the same thing happen to me a couple of years ago. It just leaves you shaking your head.

Good luck with that ITB.

5/07/2007 10:55 PM  

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