Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taper Week 2

(X,7,8,WS,5,12,X)=32; Week 23/24 (in 23)

This should be a straightforward week. Three rest days. The only difficult workout is the VO2 max w/ miles repeats @ 5k.

Tue- Cloudy w/sunny breaks, 47F(42F), GA 7 w/8*100m striders

Wed- Treadmill, VO2Max 8 w/3*1600m @ 5k; 2 min jog in between, 2 miles @ LT: I felt pretty good for the first 2 mile repeats but the 3rd was tougher. This was my last run @ faster than MP.

Thurs - Rest: I actually ended up spending an hour stretching and on some light weights in the gym. After this marathon I will cut down on the cross training, work on strength especially upper body and increase my miles...

Fri- Cloudy, 51F, Recovery 5 w/6*100m striders: The 10 day forecast for Eugene now stretches up to 4/29. There's very little variance in the weather for the next few days - lows mid-40s, highs mid-60s. Given that the race starts at 7am I doubt that temperature will be a factor. So I just need to worry about wind and rain. So far the prediction is for a 10% chance of rain and 9mph winds i.e. perfect conditions.

Sat - Cloudy, 60F, Medium-Long 12


Blogger Phil said...

Those mile repeats can be fun! Good luck on the rest of your taper.

4/17/2007 6:53 PM  
Blogger Banking Miles said...

Nice job on finishing the 1600's - like people say, the hay is in the barn already.

4/18/2007 10:26 PM  
Blogger Pure Virtual Function said...

Good luck in Eugene! It will be my first. Best to you and yours.

4/20/2007 9:00 PM  

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