Monday, March 05, 2007

Race Preparation

(XT,8,11,4+XT,X,10,17)=50.1; Week 17/24 (in 23)

This week is the start of what Pfitz calls the "Race Preparation" mesocycle (the last mesocycle was "Endurance and LT"). This cycle will mean lower overall mileage but higher quality miles - more at VO2Max effort than LT effort. He calls this periodization - prioritizing training in blocks of Endurance, LT & VO2Max. Another focus of this mesocycle is to run long runs on tired legs. Long runs would therefore simulate the final miles of the marathon rather than the first few miles. This is also one of the themes of Hansen's training plans. As a result I will be running a significant portion of my weekly miles over the next 5 weeks on the weekend.

Mon - 60 min XT: There's still some residual quad soreness after yesterday's run. Hopefully, the XT will help get the blood flowing and I'll be good to go for tomorrow's VO2Max workout.

Tue - Treadmill, VO2Max 8 w/ 5*600 @ 5k w/ 90s jog in between: I think I'll need to find a track to do these workouts. I'm not going to be able to run longer than 600m intervals on the TM...

Wed - Cloudy, Rain, 50F - Medium-Long 11: Less than 12 hours since my last run. My quads did complain at times but for the most part they behaved themselves.

Thur - Cloudy, 43F(37F) - Recovery 4 w/6*100m striders
PM - 60 min XT

Sat - Cloudy, Rain, 57F - 10 (3.8 wu+cd + 10k time trial): My pace for the 10k time trial ended up being around my RNR half pace. My HR was right at 10k effort so I'm not sure what to make out of this - is training getting me slower? In any case the objective of this run was met - getting in a hard workout before tomorrow's long run. I guess I won't get a PR at Eugene unless the flatness of the terrain makes a huge difference...

Sun - Cloudy, Rain, 62F, 22-27mph gushing winds - Long 17: The first half of the run felt great & effortless. I was running with the wind, my legs were loose after yesterday's run and it felt great to be running without a layer. The second half more than evened things up. I had to run into gushing winds and a very steady rain. Probably the worst conditions I've run in all year. If I had not been in the middle of nowhere I might have stopped running. However, running was the most efficient way to get back home so I kept at it. If I see similar conditions forecasted for any marathon I'm planning to run I'm bailing out... I got to appreciate DST - I started running at 4pm but still finished in light!


Blogger Phil said...

Best of luck with you're race prep. I had a very hard time with this section because there really isn't that much difference between my training pace and my MP. Consequently, I backed off too much. You're idea of running on tired legs to simulate those last 6 miles sounds great. I'll be very interested to see how you adapt the Pfitz plan to peak your endurance on race day.

3/06/2007 7:10 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

Actually, it not my idea to simulate those last 6 miles. Pfitz's schedule already has it build in. That's the reason he has 2 15k races & 1 10k race on Saturdays, with a long run on Sun. For the same reason he has medium-long runs on Friday.

I'm going to find this section hard too because I hate V2OMax workouts. I've never been a short distance runner...

3/06/2007 9:50 PM  

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