Monday, March 26, 2007

Difficult week ahead

(5,10,XT,5+XT,10,XT,21)=51.1; Week 20/24 (in 23)

This will be a relatively difficult week (after Sunday's half) - a VO2Max w/o (1200m repeats), 15k time trial/tempo run, a 21 miler.

Mon- Cloudy, 55F, Recovery 5: My quads were sore from yesterday's run. I'll have to see if I can get in my VO2Max w/o tomorrow.

I've had a mild quad strain on my left leg and some inflammation near my right ankle for a few weeks. It does not really bother me while running or walking but I figured I'd see if a PT could do something about it (given that it'd anyway be covered by my insurance). The PT massaged the focal points after an ultrasound. He gave me some strengthening exercises and also applied some heat. It seemed helpful - lets see what happens after a few more appointments.

Tue- Treadmill, VO2max 10 w/4*1200m @ 5k w/ 2 min jog in between: I was prepared to bag this run if necessary. I started with 3 miles at GA and then hit the intervals. Luckily, I made it through without any issues. After that I got in the strengthening exercises assigned by my PT. I wish I had the discipline to continue with these year round. The last time I used ankle weights they really helped but then I got lazy and stopped.

Wed- 60 min XT: I got my Eugene marathon confirmation today! My bib number is M1612. I went in for my second session with the PT...

Thur-Cloudy, 57F, Recovery 5 w/6*100m striders
-60 min XT

Fri - 10 min XT: On the stationary bike at the PT's office.
- Cloudy, 49F(46F), 0.67 miles wu+cd + 15k time trial: My legs have been feeling "dead" for the last couple of days. When I was struggling at 9 min/mile pace during my warm-up I wondered how I would be able to get in 8 min miles leave alone a time trial. However, as I began running the time trial some how the pace came back. The run felt good and my pace was consistent all through. I ended up averaging 7:11 min/mile for the 15k! I think our brain must have different neural networks controlling different kind of runs. So we end up struggling at 9 min/mile but are fine at 7 min/mile. Yeah right, me and my stupid theories - now I'm trying to explain my running at the level of neurons :) 223.4 miles for the month.

Sat - 60 min XT

Sun- Cloudy w/brief sunny breaks, wind, 47F(42F)-43F(38F), Long 21: All in all a very nice run. Time (2:54) passed quickly. The first half felt almost effortless. For brief periods in the second half I felt my quads tiring. Towards the end I began to feel a little nauseous running into the chilly head wind. My pace was pretty consistent all through. Interesting happening during the run: Around the half way point I ran into a Mormon priest who tried to give me some reading material "to look through during my run". I politely declined :)


Blogger Phil said...

The hills on the Mercer Island 1/2 marathon probably didn't help the quads at all. Good for you for doing something positive to fix the situation. Most of us would just sit back and complain.

3/26/2007 10:11 PM  
Blogger Banking Miles said...

Sorry to hear about your quads. Looks like you were able to still complete the 1200's. Hopefully the exercises and therapy will do the trick.

3/28/2007 5:56 PM  

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