Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last 50+/60+ week

(X,12,6,12,8,5,20)=63.1; Week 16/24 (in 23)

Tue- Sun, Cloudy, 32F(25F) - 12 w/7 @ LT: Awesome LT run which is nice given that this is the last LT run in this training cycle. Each LT mile was faster than the previous one - an ideal progression run.

Wed- Cloudy, Rain, 34F - Recovery 6 w/6*100m striders: 240 miles for the month.

Thur, Sun, Clouds, Light Snow, 30F - 12 Medium-Long: The trails were covered with a thick layer of powdery snow which was nice to run on. Of course I had to work harder to run on it but it was fun. There was also a bit of light snow falling during the first few minutes of the run.

Of course the trails were deserted (what else can you expect after a "snow storm" – even a sprinkling of snow seems to be called a snow storm here :) ), except for a few confused geese, a couple on cross country skis and a lady walking her dog in a hooded fur coat. The lady looked like she was in Vladivostok and not Redmond. Of course I was out in just shorts and a waterproof layer. At this point it's going to take sub-zero temperatures for me to have to don my long pants for the first time this season. I hope the snow melts before tomorrow's VO2max workout else I'll have to head for the TM.

Fri - Treadmill - VO2Max 8 w/6*600m @ 5k, 90s jog in between: I decided to get in this workout on the TM since I wasn't sure of the conditions on the trail and I didn't know if I could get to VO2Max intensity outside. On the TM there would be no option to slack :) I found a useful effort-based treadmill pace chart taking into account the TM incline. I run with a 1% TM incline.

With this run I've made up the deficit for the 24th week. I get to advance by two weeks on the 24/55 this week!

Sat - Cloudy, 50F(48F), Recovery 5

Sun - Cloudy, 53F, Long 20: My quads were a little sore going into this run (perhaps from Friday's w/o). It was a good exercise of getting in a long run on tired legs. It was a well paced run though I did struggle a bit running up the steep hill at the end. I weighed myself before and after the run for a delta of 7 pounds. It's a good excuse to indulge in my twin vices - chocolate milk and orange juice. I read some where that chocolate milk can actually help recovery :)


Blogger Phil said...

I really enjoyed those LT near the end of the training cycle. Of course, you're running them a whole lot faster!

2/27/2007 5:23 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

I'm not surprised in your case since you were improving all through your training cycle. I'm not very sure if I'm any faster than I was when I ran my PR 'thon but I'll find out in 60 odd days...

Taper time is always nice when you are recovering and suddenly have so much excess energy :)

2/27/2007 5:58 PM  
Blogger Bapp said...

I learning how nice it is to rock an LT run where the legs keep turning over smoothly. But the converse is also true about how bad I feel when it goes bad. Great job on having a good LT.

2/27/2007 6:40 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

I know what you mean. I was struggling with my MP run on Saturday... It did not feel good!

2/27/2007 7:00 PM  
Blogger Bapp said...

Wow - 7 lbs. I have not done the weighing thing yet. Great job on getting another 20 miler in the books. And I think running up anything after 20 miles is tough.

3/04/2007 8:20 PM  
Blogger Sub said...

I'm sure most of us lose a few pounds after our long runs. It normally takes me a couple of days to get back to normal levels.

Yeah. Running up that hill at the end of my long runs should make me mentally tougher. At the Steamtown marathon there is a long hill making up most of the last mile - it's something I'll remember for a bit. Luckily at Eugene it's pretty flat after mile 5.

3/04/2007 10:04 PM  

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