Sunday, February 04, 2007

Almost half way there...

(X,11+XT,7,10+XT,5+XT,17,5+XT)=55; Week 11/24 (in 23)

Deficit (5R, 8VO2max, 11, 13) = 37 Miles

I'm almost have way through my training schedule. So far things seem encouraging. I noticed on a couple of my runs that my HR seems to be decreasing while running at a given pace. This could only mean one of two things - my HR monitor has finally started working or that I am getting fitter. Hopefully, it's the latter.

Tue - Cloudy w/Sunny breaks, 22F windchill - 11 w/5 LT
PM - 60 min XT

Wed - Sunny, 31F - 7 w/8*100m striders: Makeup run for the missing 24th week. This run got me past 200 miles for the month. While 200+ months were a standard in 2005, in 2006 I didn't have a single 200+ month. That shows what a bad year 2006 was for me.

Thurs - Sunny, 26F windchill - 10 GA: I was running at a pretty decent pace yet my average HR was only 156. This sure is an encouraging sign. I missed my gloves.
PM - 60 min XT

Fri - Sunny, 27F - 5 Recovery: Last sunny day before the rain comes in...
PM - 60 min XT

Sat - Rain, 40F - 17 Long: The trails were practically deserted with all the fair weather runners/bikers/walkers/dog walkers staying indoors. I'd bet three years back a day like this would have me sitting on the couch watching TV and eating junk. Instead today I was able to enjoy the outdoors. With a light breathable layer it was not bad outside. The good thing about the Seattle rain is that it rarely pours...

There is a very steep 0.5 mile hill between the trails and home. Last year I had been running up and down this hill. However, in this training cycle I've been playing it safe to avoid the risk of injury. I walk down (as a warm up) and up (as a cool down) the hill. When I was about to head back after my run today a biker told me - "Come on man, run all the way up!". I just smiled at him. How could I explain to him why I wasn't running all the way up ...

Sun - Cloudy - 51F - 5 Recovery: An awesome running day
- 60 min XT


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