Sunday, January 07, 2007

Week 1 - 2007!

(9,5+XT,10,5+XT,XT,17,4+XT) = 50, wk 7/24

Mon - 9 w/4 @ LT - Rainy - Resolution run? Maybe not, but it's probably a good omen to get in a run on the first day of the year. In 2005, I got in 20 on the 1st and it turned out to be a great year. Last year I didn't run and it ended up being a horrible year. So hopefully this tempo run holds me in good stead for the rest of the year.

Tue, 7:30am - Recovery 5 miles: I managed to catch a break from the rain. It was really nice outside (54F, 29-38mph winds). I've started running my recovery runs based on HR. Today I tried to keep my HR under 150bpm.
- PM: 60 min XT.

Wed, Rain, Windy- GA 10:

With the double digit runs starting to appear on my schedule mid-week I'll need to start waking up earlier. When I started running today it was still dark outside. Well, the sun does not rise till 7:57am but it's pretty bright around 7:30am (I noticed when I was in NY that the sun rises about 40 minutes earlier in the north-east).

I had yet another encounter with a dog on the trail (runner:dog::flower:bee). By now I know better then to try running when a dog tries chasing me (aka. Like Bruno along the Charles river did). It's interesting how dog owners try to justify their dog's (mis)behavior:

Me: Immediately stopped on seeing dog in my path.
Friendly Dog Owner Lady: "She's very friendly she does not bite. She's jumping on you because she thinks you're stopping for her".
Me: "Sorry. (For stopping and being pounced upon by your dog". I commence running. The dog continues chasing me. I stop.
Friendly Dog Owner Lady: "Clair! He's not stopping for you". To me - "Push her away."
Me: Gently pushed Clair.
Friendly Dog Owner Lady: "Push her away hard".
Me: Yeah right. Clair does not look like the dog to be pushed away hard.
Finally, after a few moments Clair lets me go...

Thurs 37F - Recovery 5 - Managed to keep HR below 148.
- PM: 60 min XT

Fri - 60 min XT AM.

Sat - Long 17: The first half passed pretty quickly. During the second half I was running into a steady wind (34F) and for a bit missed having gloves on. For the rest of the run I was happy not to be burdened with gloves and other unnecessary apparel. I saw quite a few bike-run couples on the trail (one running and the other providing company on the bike. It must be so tedious to ride so slowly on a bike).

Sun - Recovery 4 + 60 min XT. Slow run again based on HR. I again managed to dodge the rain. It was windy but warm (mid 40s). This was another "make-up" run. Now I just have a 14 mile long run to make up (which I'll perhaps add to week 10).


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