Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back to WA


Wed: To the left is the view I woke up to (Note: snow is very rare in the Seattle area and common in the Northeast, which has hardly seen any this season). After being spoilt with such nice weather in NY, my first run back was in freezing rain. I'm pretty satisfied that I did brave the conditions and got in my run.

Thur: It was below freezing temperature (29F) but I was still able to go out in shorts. I haven't had to resort to longs yet this season. There were a lot more runners that I had seen in my last few morning runs. I think this is because the 18 week point for spring marathons (especially Boston) starts this week. I witnessed a huge flock of flying chirping birds - something you'd only see in day break. As I finished I noticed that the sweat on my eyebrows and on my leg hair had formed icicles. So this is proof that human hair is not a good conductor of heat.

Sat: After a complete rest day on Friday this run felt great. I actually ended up running this faster than all my shorter runs this week. It was nice to have the sun out (and it was in the 40s). I didn't even bother wearing gloves. For long runs after getting warmed gloves generally tend to be a burden. I also passed my manager walking on the trail with his wife. My last long run of the year ended up being one of my most enjoyable ones.

Sun (Sunny,44F) - An uneventful 5 mile recovery run. I finally got my Garmin Forerunner 301 HRM working again (it needed a battery change). I experienced quite a surreal experience at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens - Garden d'Lights.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NY holiday runs


After missing a couple of scheduled runs due to my tedious journey from Seattle I got back on track for the rest of my holidays. I even made up 2 missed recovery 5 milers. I know it's not recommended to worry about making up missed runs but I think the 55/24 gives me enough leeway to do so. After all I did do the 70/18 last year... I was lucky that the weather in NY was excellent. For my long run on Saturday it actually reached 55F!

In contrast to my runs on the Sammamish trail, there were very few other runners on the Bronx river parkway trail. I guess this was because my weekday runs were in the morning (when others had to work) and my long run was on Christmas eve. It did not feel too secluded as the trail passes the MNA train stations (Valhalla, North White Plains, White Plains, Hartsdale...) and also runs parallel to the highway.

My 15 mile long run took me to Scarsdale. From Hartsdale I had to run on the roads because there is a gap in the Bronx river parkway trail after Hartsdale. I passed some interesting houses and a Jewish temple.

On Thursday, when I was visiting NYC, I walked through Central park as the sun set. The view of the Manhattan skyline was awesome. There were several runners getting in their runs. This was the first time I had gone back to Central park since running the Knickerbocker 60k last November.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hot Chocolate 10 miler - the race that I never got to run

I had planned my Christmas trip to NY so that I would make it in time to run the Hot Chocolate 15k (they later changed the distance to 10 miles) in Central park on Saturday (12/16). On Thursday night Western Washington experienced the strongest winds in a decade (40-70 mph). This knocked down power for most of the region including the airport. I had a direct flight to JFK. After making me wait for 7 hours in the airport my flight got cancelled! I had to take a flight to Salt Lake City, UT in the night. I spent the night in the airport (where they were promoting the tourism in UT - the St George marathon sure looks like a promising proposition).

I finally reached NYC at 5pm on Sat. I missed my long run and the 4 mile recovery run for week 4/24 of the 24/55. I also missed 2 recovery 5 milers on week 1. I'll make them up if I get a chance. I'm swapping the recovery week 5 with 6 so that I get a chance to get in more miles during my holidays. The weather's going to be sunny and in the 40s.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Myriad of weather conditions

During my run today is was raining, there were gushing winds, it was cloudy and for a bit the sun was trying to make an appearance. It's a good sign that I managed to wake up and get in my run. This is more like the 2005 me when I was running in the middle of snow storms. The 2006 me would have been more likely to be a wuss sleep in and run on the treadmill in the evening.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Early Bird...

I've been experimenting with getting up early (which for me is between 6am and 7am) to get in my run or gym workout. The results so far have been great and I hope I can keep it going.

The fresh morning air as the day is breaking feels great. These days the sun rises around 7:30am so I can see it rising as I run.

Once I get my workout out of the way I'm less stressed to leave work. I'm also motivated by the pivotal observation that I tend to get to work at the same time (10am-10:45am!) whether I get in my run or not!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mesmerized by the Cascades...

Seattle is so underprepared for snow, that two days of light snowfall on Monday and Tuesday brought everything to a standstill. Schools and offices were closed and people were talking about "the snow storm" :) Of course the pavements were left icy and too dangerous to run on. In spite of promising not to on Tuesday and Thursday I got my runs in on the treadmill.

Saturday was a glorious day - sunny and a little nippy. It was a welcome break from the rainy November and ice/snow. I continue to be mesmerized by the beauty of the snow capped Cascades.

I'm done with week 2 of the Pfitzinger 24/55. Even though at this point he just has us doing 4 runs and 33 miles for the week, the runs are still longish - 8,9,12 & 4.

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